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The leaders of the nation’s two irreconcileable camps held a “friendly” phone call, and made a joint call for unity.

Defying expectations, it was Chávez who placed the call. Kudos to him. They are able to visualize a “unity” that for us seems more distant than ever. I guess they are better than we are in that regard. Maybe that is why they lead, and we try to follow…

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  1. Patricia Janiot took the credit on Twitter for the phone call. She must have called Chavez out on an interview soon to be shown…I guess?

  2. I’m sick of the crap making rounds on the social networks. The worst offender is the “regla de tres” 3 million votes missing. FFS!

  3. Haven’t we been through this same script over and over again for 14 years? He fakes civility for a day, next week the insulting rhetoric and the polarizations returns. Sorry, it stopped being funny 8 years ago.

      • Why dropping the insults, the class warfare? I mean, he wouldn’t had won yesterday if he had. It has worked just beautifully for him. El chavismo solo puede subsistir en un clima polarizado y de odio, el día que se abra el debate y reconozca al adversario deja de ganar elecciones. Por eso el único escenario de reconciliación es necesariamente post-chavista.

        • De hecho para que haya un post-chavez tiene que haber primero una reconciliación . No de los opositores con Chavez o el gobierno chavista sino con los votantes chavistas.
          Ese es el camino que Capriles menciona. Hay que considerarlos con respeto no como si fueran ignorantes o imbeciles o delincuentes. Ellos tienen su imagen de Chavez y de los opositores. Parte de esa imagen es que los opositores los detestan y los menosprecian. Con esa imagen jamás van a querer ser opositores.

          • Yo estoy de acuerdo y apoyo y admiro la campaña de Henrique centradaatraer votantes chavistas a través de una campaña de inclusión que desmonte los estereotipos y desprecio que la oposicion clásica tiene sobrelos votantes chavistas que pueda causar suficiente descontesto para lograr una victoria electoral. Pero como dijo Guido en panfleto son seis años más de la Hojilla y de Iris Valera hablando de vaselina, de raciones diarias de odio que hacen imposible una verdadera reconciliación hasta el post-chavismo

          • Puede ser que sean 6 años (o menos). Pero por ahora lo importante son las elecciones de Diciembre y las de Marzo.

            Por otra parte mientras más centrado sea el mensaje de la oposición mas desajustado van a parecer Iris, Mario Silva y el mismo Chávez.. En un momento dado -cuando la oposicion deje de seguirles el juego- se les revertirá la eficacia de ese mensaje y les perjudicará tremendamente, beneficiando a la oposición.

          • @guido abajo: Eso pensamos, eso hicimos y si funciono. No fue suficiente para ganar, pero crecer 2 millones de votos mientras que chavez crecio menos de la mitad es una prueba de que funcionó.

            Lo que no podemos hacer es pensar que como la estrategia no nos gano la primera batalla en la que la utilizamos, es una estrategia fallida. Incluso en la derrota se pueden sembrar las semillas de la victoria

        • Yes, look for the stuff in Twitter, and sooner or later it will be on Youtube.
          Ana kariña rote was a cry of war of the Caribs. Nobody but them was human.

        • But you can’t blame Capriles for playing along, I don’t think he believes Chavez is being sincere either, but the best strategy is to hold him to his word, and putting him at fault when he fails to uphold it, like he has done every single time before

          • Indeed. He has to be above it all. I do not envy Henrique.

            Thank you man. You have demonstrated what you are made of.

          • I don’t blame him at all. He has to play along until the unavoidable comes. Actually I have a tremendous amount of respect for the guy, he was given a tremendous challenge and he more than delivered and thrived and improved along the way.

    • Ana karibna rote

      Joke’s on him. Surrounding tribes regarded the Caribs as cruel and violent warmongers who pretty much ate whoever refused to mix with them. Maybe things haven’t changed that much?

  4. It is not the first time Chavez has said that he would be willing to look for a reconciliation. He did it at the first and only Federal whatever meeting and when he presented at the National Assembly.

  5. I think what Capriles is doing is comendable, but I disagree with it. Chavez is not a democratic president, when you are in power 20 years that is not democratic. And when you use an array of tactics, as Andres so eloquently commented here – http://www.the-counterpoint.com/discussion/U -, if you put up the white flag you have essentially given up the fight. I saw the opposition become completely deflated during his speech. I now do not see any way that Chavez leaves power until he dies.

    • The MUD learnt that doing a radical opposition to Chávez gains you nothing else more than pleasing the extreme radicals, we are way past that, it didn’t work before and it’s not going to work now.

    • What other choice is there? Why do you say he is putting up the white flag? He lost the election, other than claiming “fraude” (which has been done before to no avail) or calling on violence or international intervention, I just don’t see what else he should do. Anything else just makes him seem like a sour loser.

  6. I must confess when Capriles won the primaries I didn’t give him enough credit as a leader. But I have changed my view of him completely. He set the tone with his conceeding speech last night and now he has Chavez giving him a civilized courtesy call. We’re witnessing the emergence of a gifted leader in his own right. I bet many Venezuelans are giving him a serious second look. Maybe a bit late. Or maybe not, who knows?. The international media keep talking about him even after his defeat. I think he’s just getting started. And, for the first time, we don’t lose and go home empty handed. We’ve come a long way and now we have moral strength, unity, proposals and a young relentless leader. That’s quite a victory, if you ask me.

    • Sorry – but Capriles is coached and has his stuff written for him. Gifted? Come on – he could not stand up to half the top chivistas in a debate. In the Av. Bolivar he NEVER spoke about his programs – he just criticized Chavez and the government. You have to be more proactive than that to bring voters over to your side. In any case Capriles lost the election completely when he called chvistas in the Missions jalabolas. Huge error but a reflection of what he really is.

      Now – looking ahead – will he stand as candidate for the gobernación de Miranda?

      • Good point, if the opposition wants to win it will have to move beyond just hating Chavez and actually start presenting constructive ideas of its own, and implementing them as governors, etc.

        • Yeah, right. Like constructive ideas earn you any popularity in Venezuela. It’s been proven time and again that for venezuelans he who destroys becomes a hero. Do you even need a list of things destroyed by chavismo in 14 years?.

      • If Av. Bolivar speeches and performances at debates are the sticks with which you measure leadership you have a quite narrow view of what leadership is all about. Lame analysis of the causes of the loss. If insulting people made you lose elections in Venezuela Chavez would not have gotten one single vote. And am not talking about his insulting Capriles. But the huge insult of his own followers by insisting on the thesis of “civil war” an “chaos” if he lost the election. It’s like saying “don’t mess with my throng of savage gorillas because their dangerous…if you take away their banana they’ll get really mad and I’m not responsible for what they can do to you…I’m the only one who can control them…”.

  7. No one knows better than Chavez that a 54/44 victory for him – the only person with real access to the means to campaign, and whose threats of retribution against errant voters are very credible – reallly means he has lost 60/40, discounted by the 30% weight pre-loaded on his side of the scale.

    So of course he wants to meet and if possible co-opt the most powerful man in the nation: H. Capriles.

    My guess is they will come to a private understanding – one that Chavez will soon abrogate and immediately accuse Capriles of doing so. The only purpose is to divide the nation and blame Capriles for it.


    • Deedle – you really write some twisted crap. Capriles lost – get over it and take heart from the fact that he made rasonable advances compared to the awful mess Rosales left behind in 2006.

    • Pablo Medina doesn’t loose the habit of claiming Fraud, this is by far the most hated Opposition character, if we want to move forward the first thing is to purge the movement from people like him…

  8. A pity that almost all of you bet on the loser – once again. It must be very frustrating to lose 14 times out of fifteen. Still only six years to wait for another chance unless of course Chavez’s health fails or anything unforeseeen happens.

    The worst part for Capriles is losing in his own state or Miranda since he did such a good job there.

  9. Maybe, just maybe, the guy realizes he is going to die and maybe, now that he has reached his goal of a presidency for life, his goal is to see what would be his place in history.

    He knows he has not been able to make the country work. He said it himself during the campaign, maybe he realizes he needs the help of the other half of the country.

    • I don’t trust his intentions at this point but I like your theory. In any case I’d say any bridges or communication between the gov. and the opposition are more than welcome.

    • Yeah, I don’t believe you theory, but it would be nice if it were true… chavez still has time to redeem himself, but he probably won’t do it.

    • Pablito y el lobo … I dont think that´s the case, if he is truly dying, his main goal would be leaving a successor for the term to at least to continue Venezuela’s influence in the region and to keep Cuba alive, probably he just want to appears magnanimous and democratic while the international press is still in the country, waiting for then to leave to forget about us to focus on the US election and return to be the same old Hugo we all know and hate.

      • I believe Chavez’s health will completely fall apart now that he has acheived his goal as president for life. The mind can keep a dead body going until a goal has been accomplished. My guess is any fleeting thoughts of being a better president will be lost in his failing health and the fact he really spent big trying to get re-elected. I wonder if he will now come clean and make a run to get the law changed so his chosen can continue the mission . Me thinks he has such an ego he will just die in office with no plan as in some ways it makes his presidency more of time stamped event to his loyal followers.

  10. I admire Capriles. He is a true leader. Dealing with this government is incredibly hard. They need a moderate opposition leader that is perceived as “sifrino” by their constituency. Capriles seems to be offering them just that. The game they start to play today is filled with pitfalls and risks. My opinion is that we need to plant the seeds that produce the emergence of a new opposition born from within Chavismo. The identity politics chavismo has exploited is just too hard to break from the outside. Until rank and file chavistas don’t open their eyes to the problems of the country and start demanding real solutions, we are stuck. This should be Capriles strategic objective. I wish him luck.

    • Until rank and file chavistas don’t open their eyes to the problems of the country and start demanding real solutions, we are stuck.

      You only needed to hear to wild cheers from the crowd, after every battle-like phrase in Chávez’ victory message, to know that rank and file chavistas need to get riled up. It helps them, as it does Chávez, to get stinkin’ mad at, well, on Monday, the CIA, on Tuesday, the oligarchs, on Wednesday … you get the drift. Finding someone to dump on is a perfect way to avoid seeing the mess the country is in, or becoming accountable for it.

      Chávez’ gesture of a call to Capriles won’t last.

  11. Maybe instead of asking him if he would call Capriles after the election, CNN should have asked Chavez if he would release some political prisoners.

  12. All part of the plan. Playing up a phone call with Capriles helps to fan the flames of the fraud truthers going off today.

  13. Quico, if you are still around, we need you badly.

    Give some spare lexotanil to the brats in Altamira.

    GTAveledo, call Henrique and tell him to shut them up.

    Seriously, these fuckers are destroying hard work and civism. And what’s even worse, they voted less than the national average:


    Now I understand a little bit how Mario Silva feels. Icky, I said it. But it is true. I have no patience for these assholes. Marialejandra López did it again.

  14. I don’t beleive for a second that the call was sincere, just to make him look like a decent guy wich he is not. Let’s see how long it takes him to start calling him names again.

  15. I believe there will not be any real “Kumbaya”. Chavez has promised to “Profundizar La Revolucion”, and will now think he has a mandate to do so, probably starting with Wednesday’s “Victory Speech”. Coming, I believe, if he lives long enough, are, most of which has already been promised: the emasculation of Oppo Governors, present, and new post-December elections, via bypassing Governor funds to those Consejos Comunales loyal to him (just more chaos/corruption); an attempt to change the rules of Presidential succession if the President passes during his first 4 years (I know, the Constitution, but that hasn’t stopped him in the past–e.g., “organic laws” by decree); the initiation of the election-postponed National Catastro of all land/housing property, with the already stated aim that all land belongs to the State, and in order to eventually put Chavistas in private homes, since, upon the failure of Mision Vivienda, this will gain votes (simply imitating Cuba/Allende); the further expropriation of private businesses (Polar, if he can get away with it–risks serious outages of harina pan/beer/etc.); the non-renewal of Globovision’s concession in March, 2013; etc. etc. Those who believe in Chavez’s “reconciliation” due to the “strong” Oppo election results are, I’m afraid, once again “fumando un cacho”, and seriously don’t understand the pathology of this sicko and his Regimen Forajido.

  16. Chávez calling Capriles is just gloating of the winner. I’m sorry but I don’t buy it at all. Plus he has done the same after every election he has won. The only time he didn’t win he used a scatological qualifier for the opposition’s victory.


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