Police deployment chronicles


The Bolivarian National Police is slowly expanding its operations around the country. This week, 880 agents of the PNB will start patrolling in Carabobo State, with special attention in parts of South Valencia.

But there’s one problem…

They started working without a proper headquarters of its own. GENIUS!

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    • How so? The article related the unfolding of the particular ceremony, held in a car park for lack – we suppose pro tem – of official space and the rest of the report was comments made at the time and the criminal-activity background of the particular bailiwick of the new corps. Since when have ‘facts’ become ‘spin’, oppo or other?

      • Facts become spin when there are far more important things to mention in the context of the PNB. Surely it was better to deploy the PNB in Carabobo where there is a terribel crime problem rather than wauting foir a headquarters builfing. This proves that the authorities are more interested in solving crime and combatting it rather than the nice trappings of a headquaerters. This is the fact……not the spin.

        One day you will all realize that the negative media campaign does not work. You lost 14 out of 15 national votes using this strategy. This is fact as well and not spin.

    • because if you ever met one of them in a tight spot you might know that the problem principally is not one of needing MORE OF THEM.

  1. It’s good to know that ‘socialist’ Venezuela has the exact same problems as the capitalist nations Chavez denounces. Here in Honduras we also have big photo ops where the cops show off their shiny new Suzuki bikes (DRZ 400s by the looks of it) and…..they have no station to call their own. This is a perfect example of smoke, mirrors and absolutely no substance. Security theater if you will.


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