Do it for Socorro

Mosquita Muerta, Rectora del CNE

Socorro Hernández is one of those chavista creatures that really tick me off.

I can sort of understand people like Aristóbulo Istúriz, or Freddy Bernal, or Elías Jaua, or Diosdado Cabello, or even Iris Varela being chavistas. Their backgrounds, their pre-existing conditions so to speak, predispose them – whether it is growing up poor and resentful, being ideologically left wing since forever, being an outsider until Chávez came along, or growing up in the military and being used to following orders. Chavismo is a perfect fit for them.

Then there are people like Socorro Hernández, Tibisay Lucena, and Rafael Ramírez, who have actually studied, benefitted from the IVth Republic’s largesse, seen the world, and, really, should know better.

Yesterday, Socorro fully revealed herself as the partisan hack she really is. She went on camera to, basically, say that

  1. the CNE can do what it wants and flaunt the law if it so desires;
  2. changing the voting centers of certain chavista figureheads makes little difference to the rest of us; and
  3. porque me da la perra gana, vale, ¿entiendes? ¿Qué vas a hacer, pajúo? Muajajaja.

Socorro’s behavior is atrocious. She not only breaks the law, she gloats about it. She is abrasive, corrupt, abusive, unfair, hyper-partisan, malandr-ic, and, quite possibly, has bad breath. But she shows us her cards as if she were a dead fly, spewing out words like “Constitution” and “institutions” as if they meant anything to her.

The game plan is now quite clear. The goal of chavistas such as Socorro, who have the pan grabbed by the handle, is to  make the rest of us feel like the act of voting is really useless, that we might as well stay home that day.

A few days ago, I wondered what the opposition could do to motivate disappointed Venezuelans to go out and cast their vote on December 16th.

They should distribute Socorro’s picture as campaign material, with the heading: “if you don’t vote, she wins! If you don’t vote, she gets what she wants!”

So when you wake up on December 16th and start wondering if you should head out to vote, think of Socorro. Think of her smug little face, cooped up in the CNE with the other chavistas, probably counting hundred-dollar bills, gleefully hoping you will stay home so that she and Tibisay can announce, with full hearts and bright smiles, that the government has won yet another impeccable election.

Hopefully, you will see that staying home is a gift to her, to Socorro.

When you go out and vote, you won’t be voting for Pablo or Henrique or César. You’ll be voting for Socorro, to (hopefully) teach her a lesson.

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  1. The cynicism was surprising, even by Chavista standards. When she said that is was something like I mean this is illegal alright, but it has no real consequences, its not like the captahuellas we use to falsely scare people to believe that their vote is not secret or our passivity with the gross abuses of state power to get votes, what’s the big fuzz about it?

    • Really? The status of Venezuela’s democracy depends on … where Aristóbulo Isturiz votes?

      Let´s not get carried away.

      • No, I was talking about the fact that CNE changes things on a whim regardless of the legality of those actions. Granted it’s a minor quibble in a long string of quibbles, what I was thinking of was more the ease with which electoral laws get bent, broken or ignored.

  2. Simple.

    One word: resentment.

    Chavismo and the power conferred by it gives these individuals the opportunity to overcompensate for mistreatment’s or injustices in the past by distributing their own.

    • I think Juan’s point is that in Hernandez’ case resentment from what? For having gotten two degrees for free, one in France, from the IV? For having very well paid jobs in the government PDVSA before Chavez?

      • So she’s a rank opportunist. Another example of an opportunist, though perhaps not as blatant as Socorro, is Sergio Ramirez, who was Vice President of Nicaragua when the Sandinistas were first in power. In Quien es quien en Nicaragua, it is pointed out that in his youth Sergio Ramirez was an officer in Juventud Somocista. The author predicted that once the Sandinistas fell from power, Sergio Ramirez would align himself against the Sandinistas- which did occur before Sergio Ramirez retired from public life to keep writing

        • I think you’v oversimplified the story of Sergio Ramirez here. He was brought into the Sandinista fold as a member of a group of twelve notables. Although V.P. under Ortega, he was never really a full-fledged Sandinista.

          • He was brought into the Sandinista fold as a member of a group of twelve notables
            Among the Group of Twelve were members of the FSLN: Sergio Ramirez, Miguel Descoto, and Fernando Cardenal. Most of the Group of Twelve were not members of the FSLN, however.
            Although V.P. under Ortega, he was never really a full-fledged Sandinista.
            Contame [vos] otro de vaqueros.He was head of the Sandinista bloc in the National Assembly until 1995. By your criteria, Nancy Pelosi is not a full-fledged Democrat.

            Sergio Ramirez was, like Miguel Descoto and the Cardenal brothers, a person of relatively little actual power in the Sandinista hierarchy, whose main function was to serve as a talking head to the gullible gringos. Real power in the FSLN was confined to the nine Comandantes: the Ortega brothers, Borge, Wheelock, Henry Ruiz, etc. Only if you consider the only “full-fledged Sandinistas” to be the nine Comandantes would Sergio Ramirez not have been considered a “full-fledged Sandinista.” See my abover remark about Nancy Pelosi.

            When you have read such books as Czarkowski’sDe Polonia a Nicaragua, Carlos Fonseca’s Un Nicaraguense en Moscu, or Omar Cabeza’s La montaña es algo mas que una inmensa estepa verde I will consider listening to your charge of my having oversimplified matters.

  3. So, let me see if I understand what you are saying: If you were educated abroad, like Socorro, you should not be a Chavista. If, however, you come from Petare and/or have other per-existing conditions, such as being resentful, being a person of color, like Aristóbulo, you should be a Chavista. Well, let me tell you that it is precisely this type of pedantry, classism, racism and sheer stupidity that will make the opposition lose over and over.
    For the record, there are plenty of criollos who were educated abroad that support Chavez.

    • Dude, do you know what your handle “El Pipo” means in Dominican slang? Look it up in the Urban Dictionary.
      What can I say: nomen est omen.

        • His point is, if you choose a nick that means something like urinal in english, you become subject to mockery, or at best, someone who doesn’t know any better. Since this blog deals with a Latam political subject matter, using both languages, it is not inconceivable that a few from the D.R. might be reading it. And as such, a nick that is subject to mockery doesn’t help to enhance your views.

          • Syd, You are obviously not a criollo as my apodo is very common all over Venezuela. Let’s see: Syd from Sydney? I would hope, though, that in a serious blog regarding Latin America the content of one’s posts would be more important than the handle of the poster.

          • You are irrelevant, El Pipo. You’re also ignorant of the ‘procedencia’ of certain commenters. If you need more information, I suggest you ask the two of the blog’s writers, who know me/my family well. Did you vote on 7O? Just wondering. I did. Firepigette, being an americanita, did not. That should clarify some of your ignorance.

          • Idiot, if I am so irrelevant, why are you responding to my posts? You like to have discussions with irrelevant people?
            And in so far as your claim of being a criollo, I doubt if as you don’t even know that Pipo is a common apodo in the land of Bolivar. Again, go back to Sydney, Syd!

          • Hmmmm. Repito: did you vote on 7O, Pipo? Since you’re making wild assumptions on people, without having built up a history on these comment boards, how about revealing a litte about yourself, so that you don’t appear so irrelevant, so echador de vaina?

          • Again, I am irrelevant and you want to have a discussion with me? Do you want me to give you a DSM diagnosis? I’ll do it for free. Y el que está echando vaina por estos lares quien es?

          • Hmmm, you squirrel out of a simple question by manipulating it as a wish for conversation. Classic. Como que no votaste, Pipo. Your DSM-IV profile is emerging nicely. Keep it up.

          • Yes, that’s what I thought when I used to read firepigette’s umpteen comments as a pretend-therapist, after her few adult-ed courses in psychology. (sigh) That is, before her courses in spirituality brought forth that change in her comments. (double sigh) And so forth. Need I go on?

            And now we have to deal with a blog monitor to comment against every joke and lighthearted spoof.

          • So you are the spoofer in this blog? You are not even Venezuelan and you have the nerve to come here and go after a criolla. Go back to Sydney, where you can spoof some of your own people.

          • El Pipo, Syd is a liar and a slanderer.As there is no way to prove her lies on a blog where one has to be anonymous, she thinks she gets away with it, however “Karma” has a way of catching up…. so don’t worry about her 🙂

          • Really, firepigette, on the liar accusation?? I’m not the one saying outlandish things like I have 1000 (count ’em!) family members, mostly living in barrios, only to be held accountable and having you then say you “mispoke”. Nor am I the one repeatedly labelling all Venezuelans as náive. Only to be found promoting US political propaganda based on an opinion from the WSJ and a twisted title to serve ulterior purposes.

            But hey, you’re entitled to your opinion. As we all are to ours.

    • Resentful people are always pretty easy to spot. They are the ones that find offense were none is meant and act accordingly. Like bringing the subject of racism and being outraged about it when un negrito is mentioned for something absolutely unrelated to his skin color.

    • Correlation/causation controversy! Yes, it may be true that your chances of being opposition rise with every year you spend in higher education (multiply that if you study abroad), but is that really causation? Are political ideologies not simply personal preferences of power and resource distribution?

      There is even more correlation between class/wealth and opposition to Chavez. This appears not only to fit more closely, but has a rational explanation: socialism threatens the disappearance of everything that raises you above the majority of citizens. Especially if your property enables you to employ people.

      So I’d argue that education in itself is nothing but a sign of your social status when it comes to supporting or opposing the revolution.

      • “Are political ideologies not simply personal preferences of power and resource distribution?”

        Try taking a bear cub away from a mother bear…

    • Syd, The only squirrel that I see here is you, lol. Firepigette was right: You are a liar and a slanderer. Criollo my ass! I bet that you “voted” at 900 Convention Center Drive. Tú piensas que te voy a dar cuerda? No, mija, vete pa’ Sydney.

      • Estás alteradísimo, jovencito, sin tener idea de lo que estás hablando. Pura cháchara.
        *El Pipo* nunca votó el 7O. Pero se hace creer que levanta la espada de Bolívar.
        Está perfecto ese empate con otra que también anda de fantasiosa.
        Dios los hace y ellos se juntan.

        • Syd, Me das pena, mija. Te gusta andar buscando pleitos por todos lados, pero todos los que leemos este blog ya estamos al tanto de tus problemas psicológicos.

  4. People still have problems discerning between having a degree and being educated. You could have 3 PhDs and still be uneducated. Morals, ethnics and education are what almost all chavistas lack not college degrees. You could have someone like Socorro, lots of degrees but no morals and ethics, or someone from a barrio with not even elementary school but with more ethics than god

    • Those with impartial/absolute morals/ethics would not be appointed to positions of importance in the Chavista regime in the first place, and, if they were to exercise these once appointed, they would be fired quickly.

    • Poor people tend to have moraline, rather than ethics, except for malandros. That is, some poor people’s lives suck so much that they put all of their trust in Jesus and his imaginary archetype so that they can pretend it doesn’t suck so much; others’ lives are so constantly in danger that they have to come up with ethical guidelines that will help them in the iterated prisoner’s dilemma that they constantly live in.

      The difference is that the moral character is fullfilling a role while the ethical character is following rules. One thinks s/he’s better than you, the other doesn’t give a shit about you unless you fit in his ethical scheme.

      Of course, a lot of miserable poor aren’t moral and a lot of malandros aren’t ethical.

  5. El Pipo nailed it. I agree with JC, but he comes off as El Pipo describes. This is the opposition’s major problem.

    Now what I’m wondering, is wtf Mike is doing here trying to be a smart ass with his Dominican street cred. That makes me arrecho y ya tu sabe en cual dialecto suramericano lo digo! Pointless comment from a gringo 😀

  6. Good to see that the bozos at Caracas Chronicles are still struggling to understand why people support Chavez. 14 years into this thing and these morons still haven’t managed to figure out why more than half of their fellow countrymen support the current government. They’re still trying to explain it by labeling them all as uneducated idiots, or resentful poor people. Is there any wonder why most of the country is afraid of putting these assholes back in power?

    • Hey man, the oligarchy thing isn’t a myth (though it is shoddy use of language). Let me tell you something, if you think it’s hard to quit heroin, try to imagine absolute control over army and economy.

      It doesn’t help that these communists bozos love rubbing that it in, and also (now this is where caracaschronicles comes in) the fact that their replacement system is fucking wasteful and stupid.

      We might have sucked, but never, ever even nearly this bad. Who do you think drove off the dictators we’ve had? The people?!?!? No, bro, it was us.

      I just realized that you’re probably some fucking gringo. If you are, then, please, come visit soon, especially the Chavista sectors.


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