Giordani wants more of your money

“La patria nueva no es gratis, asi que hay que pagar…”

Finance and Planning Minister Jorge Giordani said in an interview with State-owned newspaper Correo del Orinoco that according to him, Venezuelans don’t pay enough taxes:

“It doesn’t reach 11% or 12% (of what the State taxation should be collecting). There’s no current legislation about that, but there’s room to grow…”

It doesn’t matter if we have already seen a broad but well-disguised series of tax hikes in recent years, or that a big chunk of oil revenues goes to a parallel budget for the comandante presidente with zero accountability. And let’s not forget that the Chavernment is getting us into huge debt at breakneck speed.

Nope, the socialist model must be built ASAP and therefore Giordani needs more money.  The people’s money. My money. El paquetazo esta mas cerca de lo que parece…