The electricity crisis will end… in 20 years

There was another big electric failure in Lara and Yaracuy this week. No wild animal has been charged for the crime so far.

As the electricity crisis continues all around Venezuela, there could be an end in sight… in the year 2032.

As the Chavernment has indicated in its 2013 Budget Proposal, it will take two decades to solve all the problems, but one inmediate priority will be “incorporating the Popular Power in the administration of the National Electric System, under socialist values”.

One thing is the long term vision and other is the current reality: CORPOELEC workers staged demonstrations in front of the Electricity Ministry and the Vice-President’s Office. Beside their complaints over salaries, they have denounced that at least 40% of the overall energy is not charged.

One big reason: houses for the Gran Mision Vivienda Venezuela lack electricity meters and those users pay an estimate instead, based on the domestic appliances they have. In many cases, those washing machines and refrigerators come from the Mi Casa Bien Equipada program that Quico and I personally checked out weeks ago. Socialist efficiency at work!

Even those who gave the comandante presidente a third term are probably aware that the blackouts will continue for a while. Contrary to what Wikipedia indicates, the Venezuelan electric crisis is NOT over. It’s nowhere near that.

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