The disconnect, cont.

I wrote days ago about the new soap opera from TVes and its apparent disconnect between what it wants to present on screen and the everyday reality that gets in its way.

By mere chance, I found out than the whole show costs four million dollars. And it’s not like the average telenovela (which consists of one-hour episodes and lasts overall six to eight months). In the case of “Teresa en tres estaciones” the number of planned chapters (forty) and its format (half-hour episodes) is apparently shorter in size and length.

Who pays the bill? Most of the budget comes from CONATEL’s Social Responsibility Fund, created by the controversial RESORTE law. The fund gets around 2% of profits from all radio and TV stations and the money paid from all fines charged by the communication’s authority. So, there’s a chance that Teresa is been somehow financed by Globovision.

The comandante presidente has approved more money for other novelas and movies. No info on the ratings yet, but as its former chairman said months ago, TVes doesn’t care.

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