Where’s Waldo? Cont…


The fat man in the palace was on TV yesterday, four days after his last public appearance. He was sitting comfortably in his palace, just like last time.

The most significant thing? He warned people that he wouldn’t be campaigning for his candidates town-to-town, door-to-door. Fuchi con el pueblo, puej. I wonder why.

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  1. Its more like part health and he may campaign a little for a small few but the grassroots, rank and file militants of the revolution are upset at the bureaucracy within the government, the PSUV and the Boli-bourgeois.

    He realizes this, too bad y’all don’t but you of the counter-revolution are in their sights also.

    Rojo Rojito

  2. There is the other angle: if I were to have been apprised a priori of the outcome of a future contest, I would not feel myself as necessarily having to go through the motions, as it were, to support one adversary or another. Even if I denominate one set of them as ‘my’ candidates.

  3. Lol,

    This Cort fella must be one of those who thinks “Chavez es bueno. Lo que pasa es que al presidente me lo tienen engañao!” hehehe. Pobre infeliz. The sad thing is that, six years from now, when most likely things are way worse than they are right now (thanks to the revolution), dumb fucks like this Cort would be peddling the same sorry ass excuses (golpe de estado apátrida, no es corrupción lo que pasa es que a mi presidente no lo dejan gobernar, and so on). They would still be praising the migajas of the revolution (14 years and all you have to show for is barrio adentro? I mean, really?) and they would still be repeating the same bull…. of how we are about to be catapulted into economic hyper development at any moment now, etc. It’s no coincidence that most chavernment media writes their articles in future tense (Gobierno hará, construirá, implementará).

    It would be nice to read an article discussing what would the future be like for Venezuela. If things keep going the way they are, ceteris paribus, what would Venezuela be like in six years? Taking into account common topics such as security, inflation, ppp, etc. Well, maybe it wouldn’t ´t be nice to read such an article but it would certainly be interesting.

  4. debe ser que cortaste el video antes/despues de que advirtiera que el no va a participar en las campañas, porque en el pedazo que pusiste no dice nada que no lo va a hacer.


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