Well, this happened…


The Bolivarian Republic won the right to be a member of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council. It will join Argentina and Brazil as representatives of Latin America.

Two months ago, the Chavernment denounced the American Convention on Human Rights, meaning that in ten months time Venezuela won’t be part of the Inter-American Human Rights System.

Cognitive dissonance doesn’t quite say it…

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  1. If you take a look at members, past and present, that Venezuela will be joining: China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine…oh man. Talk about foxes guarding henhouses

  2. “What is a Council”, we heard them cry in despair, “when no-one Tweets from the High Mountain Peak with infallible orientation on what to do next, as we are accustomed? Are we to stumble forward unoriented? Who will endure without exhausting his inner capacites?” [Chronicles of BarnYardia]

  3. absurd… like alice in wonderland, and the cheshire cat smirks… that’s why chavez is forever. he has his gang of bandits encompinchados que le ayudan en su hipocresía al aparecer como demócrata. …. foxes guarding the henhouse indeed. absurd

    • Perhaps Chavez doesn’t recognize the division of Czechoslovakia? Just like he doesn’t recognize Bosnian independence, Libya’s new government or DOES recognize the Russian puppet government of South Ossetia. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela follows absolutely no coherent standards of international relations, not even those of self interest, it wouldn’t surprise me if Hugo Chavez himself has some ongoing resentment about the fall of the Berlin wall. If China asked him to, he would probably recognize Mongolia as Chinese territory.

    • I don’t know what’s sadder, the fact that they don’t know that the country separated or that they don’t know how to spell the name.(They wrote Checolovakia)


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