The “S” word now stands for scam

“Me cortaron la luz asi no mas. Alguien va a pagar por esto.”

This week, Electricity Minister Hector Navarro opened an investigation into irregular charging of customers by third parties inside the public electric company (and monopoly) CORPOELEC.

Was this decision the result of competent work in the ministry under his watch, following the “socialist efficiency” promoted by the comandante presidente?

Not at all. He was sent a suspicious electricity bill, charging him a huge fee and suddenly, the service was cut from his home. So, the minister is now acting in defense of the poor and badly treated customer, that happens by mere coincidence to be… himself.

Considering that my neighborhood had a two-hour blackout days ago (at night), the Minister’s public antics do not make me feel reassured.

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  1. Theres so much irony in this, it rips the fabric of space and time. I mean this is discovery channel worthy on just how moronic Navarro is, Morgan Freeman should be hired to do a reading of this article.

  2. I too would like to see Venezuela return to the good old days when ministers belonged to a detached elite that was immune to the problems affecting ordinary Venezuelans.

    • Don’t worry, Caracas is secure from scheduled blackouts. Nothing has changed in that respect, corruption is just more widespread.

  3. Ah yes, these mere ministers, poor beggars. They live and work in the same conditions as the downtrodden and hapless members of venezuelan society. Who wouldnt relate to goverment officials that own mansions so big you could fly a space shuttle inside of them (And get lost) and have fleets of cars that would make a saudi prince look like hes on food stamps, oh the horror these misfortunate working class heroes must endure!


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