The panfletonegrification of my mind

My uncontained contempt for this man would burst the banks of Caracas Chronicles.

Somehow, the stuff I need to write these days feels more at home on PanfletoNegro than back here on what ought to be home turf.

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  1. Contempt? For that guy? For being apparently an embezzler and a smart-ass?

    Think, man! You all with this blog have to… chronicle the goings and doings of incredibly more insidious, cynical and dangerous swindlers on a daily basis.

      • If it is about the ride, however, consider taking down the guy’s claims with science, instead of pseudo heuristics about his credentials or about his chosen venue for dissemination; it sounds too much like prejudice and just as much about irrationality, instead of exemplifying that which you’re trying to promote: seriousness.

        • As someone who has been in this game for longer than a decade, Quico’s approach it’s a good and necessary one. The claims of this guy have been debunked more than once, and Quico is not a scientist, however, his insight is still interesting and valuable.

          In a way, it proves that you do not need to be a scientist to see through this man’s con. Common sense and a bit of thinking is enough. There are many angles to debunking, and I, as a longtime skeptic, welcome wholeheartedly the work of more skeptics from other backgrounds than science.

          • Guido, sorry, but as a design professional might tell you, the medium is part of the message. If you’re trying to convey a point on environment awareness, you should not do it on a billboard painted with lead based paint on a low flying jet airplane.

            Consider this, the message Quico is suggesting that El Universal paraphrase Grouch Marx: “We won’t publish your opinion because we don’t want to publish the opinion of anyone wanting us to publish their opinion”.

            If Quico seriously wants El Universal and others to seriously filter out people like Vera, he should convince them with serious arguments, not with arguments with which he’s not proposing it be done.

          • If Quico’s article would be the only piece, agreed. As there has been other pieces, heavy on the details and specifics, there is no need for Quico to do it yet another time. There is no excuse for El Universal.

  2. Great RANT (así, en mayùscula). If Mr. Vera’s emails prompt you to write, then let’s hope many more are on their way.

  3. F. T.–Watch out! Chavez just may announce a centi-million dollar investment in this project any day now!!–Orgullo de Venezuela, and Venezuela once again in the forefront of World Technology (along with Haier refrigerator “plants”, “Vergatario” cell phone “plants”, satellite “plants”, and “gallineros verticales”).

      • I stopped reflecting on this sort of thing after I had built my own account of how much we’ve been swallowed by mediocrity.

        At some point in time, we became a nation of unrepentant Dunning-Kruger cases. Even after all that has happened, we still manage to make the biggest fools of ourselves and simultaneously maintain the belief that there’s something particular and great about us.

        Self-esteem they call it.

    • Not out of the realm of possibilities. Though I know (and there’s) a couple of very good scientists who happen to support Chavismo and would be outraged about this, I think their opinion would not be taken into account, should anyone in the High Government decide that this is true, or a good racket, or both.

  4. Since you claim at Panfletonegro that you have been developing a “gusto por el escepticismo científico”, I will take the opportunity to introduce you to a few very interesting sites, in case you don’t know about them.

    First there is the “Skeptics dictionary”:

    Here you can even find an entry on the subject at hand:

    Then there is the James Randi Foundation:

    They have a million dollar challenge: . You may tell Eudes Vera to take up that challenge (I know they have tested claims about perpetual motion machines in the past, with the expected results…). Mr. Vera will probably not accept the challenge, making up some lame excuse, but them you will have even more ammunition to call him on his BS.

    Finally there is CSICOP:

  5. Invento venezolano de Motor de Aire: controversial y no comprobable

    CARACAS 08 07 2011

    Muy controversial y en violación de los fundamentos teóricos se definió la presentación del “Motor de Aire : Alternativa Energética del Siglo”, invento patentado en los estados Unidos de Norteamérica por el ingeniero eléctrico Luis Solórzano, que se llevo a cabo, el jueves, 7 de julio, en el auditorio de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Universidad Central de Venezuela.

  6. Cada loco con su tema. Quico si estas estafas y los periodicos q lo cubren te motivan a escribir, de pinga ( es tu blog). Pero en mi opinion estamos al borde del abismo, se acabaron los reales vienen las vacas flacas, se acabaron los dolares en un pais q importa todo, el 2013 se pinta negro sombrio, chavez esta MIA. Pareciera q hay temas mas transcendentales q cubrir.


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