The chavista who stole Christmas

Housing Minister Ricardo Molina (a.k.a. The Grinch)

The Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela housing program was drastically reduced right after the October 7th election.

Understandably, both its workers and those waiting for new homes are not happy with the sudden slow-down.

To try to solve this issue as soon as possible, the Housing and Habitat Ministry of Popular Power published a major announcement in Venezuela’s Official Gazette:

“All persons natural and judicial, domestic and/or foreign, entities and organizations public and/or private, currently working on social interest public works or providing services for the Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela, are hereby ordered continue their activities in an uninterrupted fashion during the month of December 2012, so that there won’t be any days off for the holidays, with the purpose of finishing all related projects as soon as possible.”

And the Ministry will punish those who don’t follow.

Naughty or nice, Mr. Molina? I think we know.