1. I knew it!! F. T. en Japones, para el nuevo Colonialista De Venezuela–CHINA!!! Y, esta tirando la toalla, justamente cuando Chavez esta por estirar la pata–Good Timing!!!

  2. Nada que no hayas dicho antes. Supongo que tendríamos que hacer esa /maniobra/ todos nosotros. En esta pecera angosta, la ausencia de crítica también es complicidad. Y hemos sido caja de resonancia por mucho tiempo.

  3. So, um…. what do you DO all day now?
    (she asks, with genuine wide-eyed perplexity at the excruciatingly absurd thought of not thinking about chavez every day)

  4. Yo tengo mi problema resuelto a través de una amiga que le es imposible desconectarse y ella me manda un mensaje de texto cuando hay algo que realmente vale la pena ver en Aló Ciudadano, por ejemplo

  5. The sad thing is, many Rojo Rojito Chavistas such as Arturo are happy to have educated people like you gone. At some point, when so many in your country make it clear they would be glad to have you gone, it makes sense to oblige them.

    The acceptable range of political activities and beliefs is very small under Chavez, I’ve seen no shortage of Chavistas and PSFs which say your opinions as a journalist are invalid because you are part of the opposition to Hugo Chavez. Until enough of the population comes around to oppose such an absurdity, there’s not much informed Venezuelans can do but wait.

  6. Thank you. It make me reconsider the value-added of several crapy-pages as well. What concerns me is the ‘aggregate dynamic’ of this move. But the relief feeling is unbelievable. Cheers

  7. I’m afraid we may all have been under a misconception with F. T.–I mean, saying that “Ultimas Noticias”, the only newspaper really read by the Chavista rank-and-file/popular masses, is the only Venezuelan newspaper that “medio sirve”??? Could it be that we sheep have been guided all along by a wolf in sheep’s clothing??!!!?

  8. Quico, did you erase your bookmark for Tal Cual too? Quite a few of their columnists are still worth following (Petkoff, Demetrio Boersner, Oswaldo Barreto, etc.).

  9. “…de qué diablos sirve irse de cuerpo si uno deja el corazón allá? Si uno sigue malversando la energía psíquica en batallas tropicales perdidas?”

    Esa es una que vengo pensando hace rato y que no se como contestar 🙁

      • Lo de “energía psíquica”, que a usted le parece despreciable, como para un “whatever” con todo y meneo de la melena rubia y aria, es cita textual del texto de F. T. que dio origen a este “thread”. Hasta donde sé, Moraima García fue parte de los colaboradores más apreciados… antes de irse con su música a otra parte… y en buena hora…

        En psicología, a esa “energía psíquica” la llaman libido, y existe, señor Nagel. Y no es un recurso renovable… Cuando se le acabe, verá…

        Debería usted investigar algo sobre la depresión antes de poner en evidencia su supina ignorancia sobre lo que NO tiene: alma…

        Creo, por otra parte, que el S.O.B. habría que sustituirlo por un R.I.P. o, para que usted lo entienda, por un Q. E. P. D… para Caracas Chronicles. ¿O no se ha percatado usted del descenso en los comentarios?

  10. “Fighting injustice anywhere is fighting injustice everywhere.” I bet unconditional cash distribution would also benefit Japan… 😉

  11. Coming soon–Quico-San in “The Chunichi Shimbun”….In all seriousness, hang on for awhile if you can–historic changes are a’coming….

  12. Es cierto lo que dice Quico: debemos cuesitonar a nuestros gurúes y a nuestros expertos, que predicen hechos que no se cumplen, muestran variables que no ocurren, anuncua colapsos que nunca llegan, postulan sacrificios que nunca hacen.

  13. What is happening in Venezuela is pertinent for the world and forms a part of some of the most important plays going on in the world today.Need I spell them out?Not to be involved in that is not to be involved in world affairs.This is on the side of the larger objective.

    On the side of the smaller and more personal one, love and family might be 2 concerns.

    Good and bad reasons can always be found for something, the difference is only the value we give them, because ultimately our mistakes , our regrets, and our decisions both good, and bad will only be accounted for at the moment of clarity if, and when it ever arises in each of us.

      • Radiation, not so much. Highly overplayed, even the evacuated areas have lower radiation levels than many areas naturally have. I’d rather live next to a Japanese nuclear power plant than a Venezuelan thermal power plant where you can be sure carcinogenic pollutants are emitted on a daily basis.

    • Well they say in Venezuela you have to dodge bullets every 5 seconds but it’s paradise at the same time. Im alive,im not in paradise. That was a dumb comment Double D.
      Double Dickhead

  14. Quico, EEUU does not give a shit about Latam. It’s not only Venezuela, it’s the entire region. “Fuck them” is the attitude. Everyone wants to come to the U.S. and we know why. The experts in Miami hope for a free Cuba and Venezuela but are resigned long term. Venezuelans in South Florida have moved on for the most. Living in the U.S. is hard enough as is. I also think they are ashamed in this multicultural land.

  15. Luigi Bora did something very smart when he decided to run for Mayor and become the first elected Venezuelan official to U.S. public office. Venezuelans are only ten years old as a community in the U.S. mainly South Florida. Hopefully it’s the start of bigger things to come for Venezuelan in U.S. politics. We only have to look to our Cuban “brothers” to see how successful they have become in the U.S.

  16. So, Toro wallows in his guayabo and deletes all his Venezuelan bookmarks. Me too — starting with Caracas Chronicles!

    (Yet, here I am, back off the wagon again.)

  17. CC ha sido una referencia intelectual para muchos durante muchos años. Un santuario donde se podía cavilar sobre el país con toda seriedad, y fuera del ruido del día a día. It somehow unintentionally inspired and kept many of us going. En mi caso, sentirme acompañado en una nota medio snobista por lo público y la política mantuvo mi atención lejos de otras alternativas, y fue parte de lo que me motivó a aplicar a estudios de políticas públicas. Es decir, es su culpa que esté pelando bolas…

    CC fue parte de muchas conversaciones de pinga entre panas y birras durante todos estos años, and it’s sad to see you go. Nevertheless, it’s just another sign of the times.

    Gracias por todo Quico, y todo lo mejor!

  18. I thought the self-defeating version of this chronicles were only a phase…Sigh! Individually, I sort of understand the place where you are, but I have no sympathy for retreating in the broader context of our social selves. I’m having problems in understanding why to assess the post 7-O sociopolitical scenario in such a deterministic-static way in a situation that looks to me like more fluid than ever. Anyway, you will be missed…

  19. Quico, tu te imaginas que Chavez se muera en estos dias!! justo despues de que escribiste esta tirada de toalla!!! jajajajajajajaaaaaa que cagadaaaaa
    Un abrazo y suerte por Japon!!

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