Ad War Update: MUD Round-Up


Instead of all running behind one consolidated platform as Chavismo does, the MUD candidates for governor are running locally-focused campaigns. Here’s some of them:

Nueva Esparta Governor Morel Rodriguez gets the endorsement of a local fisherman.

Aragua’s Richard Mardo presents himself as the one who knows the problems of the state.

Bolívar candidate Andrés Velásquez indirectly attacks his rival, Governor Rangel Gomez.

Lara’s Governor Henri Falcon brings the fear of the possible return of Luis Reyes Reyes.

Finally, Merida’s candidate Lester Rodriguez embraces the Hay un camino theme.

The downside to this strategy is that the one-brand approach used by Chavismo (the tricolor heart) makes them more easier to promote. But the oppostion, which is heavily outmatched in resources, believes that the “all politics are local” mantra could work.

In less than two weeks from now, voters will decide if the gamble worked. Next time in Ad War Update, it will be the turn of Chavista candidates.

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  1. I suspect it’s less proof of a concerted regionalist strategy by the MUD (although it does seem like their only play) and more an indication that the opposition’s national campaigns are, at best, only episodic.

  2. Boy, these ads left me a bit empty. Is it me, or are all these guys trying too hard?

    Having said that, Falcon’s is clearly the better one. As Bruni pointed out, at least it stands out!

  3. Do political adverts matter? Political science has a few words on the matter (at least in the US):

    It was, in any case, a choice: the Unidad framed the election as a regional election (for both economic and micro-alliances reasons (most of the parties on the alliance are regional, in fact)). The primaries settled the matter even further on that path, and the discussion regarding the Unidad in the ballot clinched it.

    As for cohesiveness, it must be noted that it is only as of late when Chavismo has deployed their own ads on TV with largesse.


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