The great public safety flop

id42499Six months have passed since the first announcement of the 19th safety plan of the Chavernment: Gran Misión “A Toda Vida Venezuela”. How it has fared so far?

Experts indicate that the number of crimes has not gone down, and that 2012 would end up as the most violent year on record.

Beside murders and kidnappings, one kind of crime that is going up all around the country is motor vehicle theft. A former head of the CICPC’s vehicle division said that this year alone the number of stolen cars could surpass 32.000. Last year was a little more than 26.000. A possible reason behind this increase is the lack of spare parts in the domestic market.

The “sensation of insecurity” is still strong both in Caracas and other places like Barquisimeto. Even some diplomatic missions located here are taking decisive action.

In a related story, Prisons Minister Iris “Fosforito” Varela has admitted there aren’t enough prison guards, asking young men to fill the 10.000 jobs needed. I have a suggestion for her: use the Militia. Apparently, the only time they do any work is when there’s an election.

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