Where’s Waldo? (Back, quoting dead people)


Judge for yourself. He looks great! Let’s see how long he lasts in the public eye.

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      • Good question. The only thing speculated on here was the fact he failed to show up for the Mecosur summit following a three week absence, indicating there is something serious going on. That’s not BS, it’s normal concern for an absent head of state.

        Cort Greene is simply desperate to make this about the opposition, “the empire” or anything but Chavez’s bizarre behavior.

        • Let’s cut her some slack. I think it’s the relief she won’t have to go to the funeral just yet that’s making her not think clearly.

    • CG,
      I think the problem is that he keeps fading away. Every time he goes “near death” we will need to see him rise again one more time. Right?

      One simple way to put an end to all these would be to have a medical board report made public so everyone knows what it is actually happening. Specially since the fate of the nation is linked to this man’s health. I probably stress out as much as chavistas, every time this BS happens because the transition could be scary. You know that too. I would really appreciate and I am sure you would too, a little honesty on what the hell is happening.

    • I am counting on him to “bounce” back on cue and on not getting rest (Of course I would want for him to retire from politics, but…) Like the ball off a hard surface he will bounce faster and lower, and then will bounce no more, being at rest on the ground forever.

  1. Having to rise from death is a tough row to hoe; that we know of, it has been achieved only once. Rising from near-death is a different kettle of fish: it is impressive every time and worthy of peoples’ awe BUT, you really HAVE to get it exactly right every single time because the downside exhibits a finality that many find can only be contemplated with a most singular trepidation.

  2. Echando cuentos a esa hora de la madrugada que ladilla! Observen la cara de Diosdado para que se den cuenta lo “feliz” que está por su regreso

  3. I am referring to all the talk of his dying on the date of Bolivar’s death, etc etc.

    The question is, if he is in such great shape, why did he let the rumors run…

    • It has been observed by some that the inner circle might just feel that letting rumors run is an integral part of ‘his’ job description.

    • On purpose. It’s about showing true colors and trust. Now he can say ‘look! the opposition and everyone supporting them wanted me to be dead.. look hopw stupid they look like now..’.

      • The more he does this stunt the closer he gets to the grave. Win-win. You chavistas who don’t love him but use him have your rallying flag (or should I say rag doll). And we who at least are not hypocritical about not loving him but not wanting him dead per se eventually get rid of his venomous presence forever.

        He, who should have retired and gotten therapy and rest, loses his life.

  4. What if… the chavista elite has such a tight grip over Chavez that they just keep him alive enough to sign paper work? Could Diosdado be running the country already? Merely using Chavez for stability?

  5. Another miraculous rebound probably helped by rushed therapy… Lower and lower and lower, faster and faster and faster. Until he bounces up no more.

    Hah! and chavistas say that they love this maniac. Or rather love to suck him dry before he dies, I would say. No matter what his fate might be.

    The only sensible thing he could do was name a successor a year and a half ago and retire. That would have been good for him and Venezuela. If this is the only way to be rid of him, I can only wish him a painless and quick passing.

  6. Watching this video, if I were to look for a comparison with Chavez it might not be Mugabe or Castro, but it might be Jim Jones.


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