BREAKING NEWS: Chavez will face another surgery, names Nicolas Maduro as his possible succesor (UPDATE)

IMG_0000140050_W_00600In a televised address to the nation, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has announced that he will go into surgery in the next few days, after recent medical exams found the presence of new cancer cells.

He also named VP Nicolas Maduro as Chavismo’s presidential candidate in the case of a new presidential election.

Tonight, looks like the transition has finally begun. There’s no question about it.

UPDATE # 1: Here’s the moment when he announces he will require a new surgery.

And here’s his defacto endorsement of Nicolas Maduro in the case of a new election.

UPDATE # 2: The National Assembly will discuss (and approve) Chavez’s new trip to Havana tomorrow in a special session, starting at 10 a.m.

Here’s the timeline of Chavez’s cancer, which kinda starts in May 2011 with this event.

Before the cadena, the intelligence service (SEBIN, formerly DISIP) was transferred from the Interior Ministry to the Vice-President’s Office. Was an early sign of what came after?

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