BREAKING NEWS: Chavez will face another surgery, names Nicolas Maduro as his possible succesor (UPDATE)


IMG_0000140050_W_00600In a televised address to the nation, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has announced that he will go into surgery in the next few days, after recent medical exams found the presence of new cancer cells.

He also named VP Nicolas Maduro as Chavismo’s presidential candidate in the case of a new presidential election.

Tonight, looks like the transition has finally begun. There’s no question about it.

UPDATE # 1: Here’s the moment when he announces he will require a new surgery.

And here’s his defacto endorsement of Nicolas Maduro in the case of a new election.

UPDATE # 2: The National Assembly will discuss (and approve) Chavez’s new trip to Havana tomorrow in a special session, starting at 10 a.m.

Here’s the timeline of Chavez’s cancer, which kinda starts in May 2011 with this event.

Before the cadena, the intelligence service (SEBIN, formerly DISIP) was transferred from the Interior Ministry to the Vice-President’s Office. Was an early sign of what came after?

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  1. “Не жалею, не зову, не плачу. Всё пройдёт, как с белых яблонь дым…”
    Поэт Сергей Есенин.

  2. If Henrique Capriles gets elected as Governor of Miranda on 16-Dic, can he leave somebody in charge and run again for President (if there is another Primary and he wins) or must the Miranda elections require to be repeated again ?

    • He would leave temporarily (just like he did for the 7-O campaign). If he wins, he must resign and a new governor would be elected to finish his term.

    • The former scenario applies after the governor’s being sworn in. The latter applies only to a governor-elect. A governor-elect cannot choose an acting governor, even if reelected. Therefore, he would have to resign the post to run for president.

  3. Chavez’ speech wrote Diosdado Cabello out of the succession, even though the Constitution says he would be entitled to succeed in certain circumstances. True to form, Chavez is directing the Supreme Court as to how to interpret the law. If I were Diosdado, I would not like this.

    • As bad as what you’ve just said is the fact Chavez told his supporters to apply what they have learned about the Bolivarian Revolution if he happens to be gone. That’s a call for greater political instability.

    • Jeffry, I think the Maduro succession has been in the making for a while. Maduro is the logical choice to be ‘the face’ as he’s one they know abroad. Diosdado is a team player and Chavez’s “unidad” a reminder to all. Maduro was the big winner tonight with Disip now reporting to him. Tareck El Aissami was tonight’s big loser joining Izarra who’s still fuming over his cabinet demotion and US ambassadorhip denial by locking out the @ChavezCandanga twitter account.

    • Jeffry godgiven is a nationalist who is head of the detecha endógena… And so not inclined toward the castro brothers or cuba. Maduro ISthe castro’ dauphin du choix for cubazuela.

    • I would say that Cabello would be more comfortable as the power behind the throne and not the guy sitting on it. Regardless of who comes out as a winner, Chavez is going to be a tough act to follow.

  4. So about a day after the “darling of the revolution” Eva Golinger accuses the opposition of “Llego Chavez y dejo mal parado a todos los rumoristas, necrofilios, chismosos y mal pensantes” (being rumor mongers and necrophiliacs) it turns out Chavez actually had cancer the whole time. Doctors with specialty in cancer knew there was no way he could say it was gone, the opposition knew it, I bet even Eva knew it, she just lacked the honesty to admit it. Not only that, she is so intellectually bankrupt she could not even countenance respect for those who questioned his official story.

    Chavez’s illness will finish off his lingering support among intellectuals internationally, only the most delusional followers will be able to live down the way Chavez has lied to them and used them.

  5. Well, to me there are two clear messages from Chávez’ speech.

    One is telling the people of Venezuela, including the military, that the Constitutional rule must be followed. The second one is telling his followers that Maduro is his candidate.

  6. When Chavez mentioned succession, the camera panned to Maduro, wose face said “Cagado” (screwed). He’ll be King for a day at best, mincemeat at worst. The camera was careful not to show much of Diosdado (probably smiling, at least inside). Net, net–El Payaso Mayor trying to pass the batuta to El Payaso Menor, as the walls begin to crumble around them (economically/socially/politically).

  7. All, this is a chavista team effort. There will be winners and losers. Cuba very much in charge and everyone on board because they all need each other now more than ever. things very well under control so don’t get your hopes up

    • Chavez is the only cement keeping this Criminal Reign of Paja together, due to his waning influence on El Pueblo….The Country is literally crumbling due to his/appointees’ incompetence/corruption.

  8. ErneX:

    Right. It won’t end well… but it will end.


    Maduro has an undisputable position: Pabellón no es pabellón sin “maduro frito” sirviendo de baranda…

    • Cort is driving North trying to put as much distance between him and Weston as fast as he can; Eva is in the U. S. undergoing DNA testing trying to prove to her handlers that her child isn’t from Chavez; and GAC is packing his 50’s Samsonite to return home after applying as a caddy at one of the Island’s new long-lease International golf courses…

  9. wow. todo muy planificado. Las idas y venidas, el anuncio entre gallos y medianoche….
    y que vaina con la MUD y los politicos de oposicion, a improvisar de madrugada para poder decir algo manana al salir de misa. Ojala este muy equivocado

      • siempre reaccionando y no imponiendo agenda. A mi me gusto la sugerencia de Quico de DEFINIR a MADURO. Una movida proactiva y de iniciativa.

        We will catch up in a few days and evaluate how well prepared, or not, was the MUD and the opposition at large to have an impact after this bomb, beginning with the local governor’s elections, and following the reajuste economico, also known to be in the works…

        Mas claros ahora?

  10. Holy molee. Transferring the intelligence services to the VP? Smells of trying to empower a weak leader. Dust off your passports, pack your suitcases, fill up your car.

  11. Cause of death: Cancer. By his own hand. Or omission rather.

    With 8 million cheerleaders in Venezuela and some more abroad (Good work! PSF and chavistas,cheerleading a sick man unto suicide, you really hate his guts while pretending to love him, you hate him more than Maria Alejandra Lopez could ever manage)

    I wish him a peaceful retirement which he didn’t take earlier and should have taken, and the most painless passing possible given the circumstances. So long as he is out of Venezuelan politics for good.

    Now the Maduro scenario of an earlier post by Juan applies.

      • I figured out long ago, that people like him are eternal provocateurs. If they get you to hate (or love) their guts and be mad around them, they win and you lose. So long as he stops screwing my country for ever I will be content. His personal fate is nothing compared to that. I wish him not to suffer in the way I wish no creature to suffer.

  12. Has anybody taken into account that Chavez will leave office undefeated?
    A strong religious aspect surrounds chavismo with eight million people who elected a sick man believing blindly in what they were told, not what they were seeing.
    What worries me the most is that we don´t have a political party to defeat, but a religous movement. Some kind of peronism a la venezolana is about to be born

    • Unfortunately, most unfortunately. I realized this long ago, for it was obvious. He even has his Evito (joking). However the sad reality is that we will be dealing with a religious movement, and with the long roster of scoundrels and rascals that already are in place to exploit this “modern” maudlin legend of the impoverished masses ad infinitum. Eeech! it really makes one retch to see in-theory adults reach such depths of unreason. Like in Argentina. And I won’t say that this shows how pre-modern we are as a nation, for it has happened to nations that were thought of as anything but primitive.

    • I’m with you on this one.
      This bomb had to be special big and special because is only a week before a very important election process.
      I can picture him coming back triumphant to the inauguration on January.

    • I’m inclined to agree. He seems awfully calm for someone who’s been told that there’s a reappearance of cancerous cells in the same spot as before. In May of last year, he was ‘cagándose de miedo’. Why wouldn’t be the least bit apprehensive now? No sé. Me huele a Manny Puleo. I’ll wait until he’s shown walking after the deemed operation, before I take a swig of that Chávez Show kool-aid.

  13. I’m not sure, but in VTV they are showing a lot of videos (clips) done in purpose (speaking of Chávez absence) . Made in only one day? Impossible, they knew something more in advance.

  14. A) The rank criminal conspiracy of his running when manifestly unable to continue finally is revealed to all those faithful followers: that alone should put the kibosh on his religious sanctity in the minds of many of them; B) all talk of Nicolás will be prefaced with his recent assurances of The Man’s early and healthy return to take his post on 10/01/13. All his exhortation for unity and so on will ring hollow now that he’s reduced himself to a shadow as opposed to a player; C) the mere fact of picking a successor – quite foreign to the basic laws and surely the PSUV – ought also to debilitate the ‘crown-prince’ character of Maduro’s candidacy and unleash internecine struggle. This drawn-out episode and subsequent election is the opposition’s to lose: much will depend on their candidate who has only to beat an already nobbled Maduro. Although Henrique Capriles did an exemplary job in October, with 16-D etc, I think many will deem they’ve seen enough of him ‘por ahora’ and another candidate may well be the way to go: myself, I’m between Pablo Perez and María Corina (who has traveled throughout the Republic).

    • I, too have been thinking of alternatives to HCR, leaning towards PP, who has governor credentials, and has been emitting reasonable, statesman-like sound bytes, since 7O.


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