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I’m still digesting the news from yesterday’s press conference, but for now I think new commenter “José” hits all the right notes:

Lo peor de la noche no fue el ver a un hombre totalmente vulnerable, intentando afrontar con dignidad y coraje un momento extraordinariamente difícil. Lo más triste fue recibir su discurso con escepticismo, no creerle, pensar que sus palabras estaban medidas, con el único objetivo que yo (como muchos) bajara la guardia para luego darme otro golpe. El cinismo de otras proclamaciones han creado un callo. Me gustaría que la situación fuese diferente, que hubiésemos ganado la elección hace un par de meses, que él estuviese bien, que se prepara para su retiro en el llano con su familia. Pero no es así. Me gustaría sentir más compasión, pero no puedo creer lo que está pasando. Si realmente la situación es que estamos viendo, si es un enfermo terminal saliendo de la vida política del país, es difícil de aceptar. No puedo creer que esta sea la primera noticia que él haya recibido de su situación; no puedo evaluar el proceso de los últimos 18 meses sin concluir que fue un capricho, el ego enceguecido pensando que estaba por encima de todo, de los diagnósticos, de los consejos de los médicos, del sentido común. Es probable que en los próximos meses sienta compasión, hasta tristeza. Pero por los momentos no es así. Me tiene loco.

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  1. No junping to conclusions on the seriousness of Chavez’s condition but we could be facing new elections on Sunday February 10th if things go badly for Chavez. It is a question of waiting and seeing as no one can predict the oputcome in the coming days, weeks or even months.

    We awaut the noramnl media onslught full of lies and hatred and even gloating but no matter – even if there are lections on February 10th the opposition will not win.

      • Maybe, but since nobody knew any better than anybody else, you might well owe us one too, for constantly being supremely pessimistic while we were optimistic.

        You might get your christmas wish, but Maduro will retain pretty much all revolutionary votes, and could very well be a more efficient administrator of that genuine socialist transition that you despise so much.

        • Optimistic is one way of putting it, the more accurate way is lying. Chavez said he was cured of cancer, you guys took him on his word and spread that lie. Experienced oncologists pointed out there was no way for someone to accurately claim to be cured from cancer after such a short remission.

          There’s a reason why doctors are conservative in their diagnoses, it’s so people have time to plan and prepare. Chavez willingly ignored that wisdom and knowingly lied to you. The fact that the rest of the world knew it was a lie, and you accepted it, shows just how little respect he has for you and the revolutionary movement you support. Thankfully, it’s not too late for you to admit you were wrong about the guy!

      • The three or four gringo chavistas who visit this site endulge in Venezuelan politics precisely to avoid the sorts of hard truths that they would learn, say, in putting their politics into practice in their own backyards. They are fairweather ideologues. They are apologists only for their own fantasies.

  2. Un “cayo” es un islote coralino, como los “cayos” de Chichiriviche o La Florida…

    Los que salen en la piel por roces o golpes repetidos se llaman “callos”.

    Pero mejor me callo, antes de que me manden a vivir a un cayo…

  3. Fitting end for an inveterate LIAR. That he says he is dying and there’s people that have a good reason not to believe a word he is saying, while everybody else believes he’s telling a half-truth-half-lie.

    Rather, what we could believe to be maybe true, was what they were forced to admit because they had no other choice. Case in point right now. Maybe he’s dying and maybe he’s just desperately ill. But with such a LIAR we might never know, until the coffin passes by.

    Pitiful, really. But how are liars and populist to ever learn?

  4. Clearly he has lied intentionally to te people before, and will continue to do it for his own profit. This could be just a dramatic event to inject some emotion to the 16D elections and motivate the chavista voter, not on voting for his local governor, but turning the whole election into a vote for Chavez. Is this not a true possibility ?


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