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In his first speech since being officially annointed dauphin, President-in-waiting Nicolás Maduro was in Mariches, Miranda today inaugurating a cable car.

What stood out for me is that in this 39 second clip, Maduro mentioned Chávez ten times. That’s about one mention of Chávez every 3.9 seconds – not terribly useful when you want to create your own public persona.

With his boring delivery and his nonstop adulation of a ghost … if this guy wins, it’s gonna be a loooong six years.

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  1. I’d argue that he’s not looking to build his own public persona. At least in the short term, being a shadow of Chavez will yield more votes than a self-standing object.

    My guess is that in the coming weeks you’ll see all government personalities fighting over who can squeeze more “Chavez” mentions into their airtime. It’ll be the “9/11” of the 2004 US elections.

  2. Maduro says the name of Chavez ten times in 18 seconds. Two mentions of comandante and the word trabajando four times in a row. I told you, he’s a henchman.

  3. Does he actually need to promote himself? Really? Can’t he run a presidential campaign like Cristina in 2011, based on pity? “I’m the one He chose to lead our country”, “I’m Chavez’s candidate/heir”, “I will continue His project”, etc…I think that’s what we’ll hear next year. And you know what? There’s a great chance that tactic will get him elected…

    • Maybe it worked for Cristina because she was the widow and has a strong personality of her own. If one of Chavez’s daughters perhaps it could work. Not so much for Maduro.

      But they can try it anyway.

  4. I think we just have to look at Evita in Argentina to realize what is ahead for Venezuela. Evita died decades ago and you still get to see her images on many Kirchner´s speeches.
    Just look at how many chavistas cry and faint just like 12-yea-old beliebers. Some guys – grown up, college educated guys – talk about Chavez as if he were some sort of epic figure that came out of the pages of “Venezuela Heroica”.

    Que santos malandros ni que nada? Quiténse del medio, que hay viene San Chávez!

  5. Profesor Jirafales and Elias Wawa mentioned in this same event that Venezuela has all the condition to become a superpower. I mean, these guys don’t really have anything interesting to say. So repeating the Chavez word continously is all they may rely on to even be close to having a proper political speech.

  6. He has to please Chavez and prove to him that he’s not letting the endorsement get to his head. Keep in mind that Chavez could still change his mind and designate someone else. Maduro knows that all he has to do is not piss off Chavez before the guy croaks and he’s set.


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