Races-to-Watch Round-Up


vdptWith 23 state governorships up-for-grabs in tomorrow’s regional elections, it’s time to check again the state-by-state lay of the land, thanks to Gustavo Hernández Acevedo, who has been blogging the daylights out of the key races this cycle.

These aren’t about making predictions, but about introducing you to key players and dynamics in high-profile states. Enjoy!

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    • Yeah man!
      El clone, sorry, the Beta wins thanks to Misión Lastima Redox. Complicating even further our political panorama…
      Do not miss another tonights chapter of “La Enfermedad Presidencial” the biggest culebrón since “Por estas Calles”…

  1. Thanks for the map, Quico. Just so our foreign readers understand: the striped “Zona en reclamación” does not select a governor this time. It is part of Guyana, which is a whole other country.


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