My post-mortem


Over at Foreign Policy’s Transitions blog, I insist on seeing the glass 20% full.

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      • Well back in October, the opposition had plenty of “leaders” and parties to count on, now the vast majority of political parties in the opposition had taken a big toll, that a few of them will survive.

        It means that the people is out of reasons to gives about opposition. From October, with the right strategy we could have done better, I’m fearing that the MUD had lost its credibility, and the credibility factor, the trust factor for the leadership, once you lost it, it will be extremely difficult to recover.

        So this is where the opposition is standing now. With lots of ruins and deception and few building standing still.

  1. I agree. The results were an expected disaster for the opposition. But keeping Miranda and Capriles’ triumph made it an incomplete disaster. I think that the point is that Capriles is electorally becoming a Chavez-like figure. When he personally participates in an election he attracts a higher turnout. He attracted 6,6 millions in October, he could do it again. The circumstances of this election were too adverse to take it as a indicator of how many votes we could get in a presidential election with Capriles running.


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