Chávez's squalid victory


We all think Hugo Chávez won big in October. Guess what? His victory is pretty small relative to how incumbents usually do in Latin America.

Take it away, Javier Corrales.

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  1. if you believe that to be true, maybe you should recognize the reasons behind your “we are unellectable” post to be not much more than ranting

    • Believe what to be true? I’m just re-posting something Javier Corrales wrote. Food for thought. We *are* unelectable, unless something dramatic happens, as I said in my previous posts.

      • This study is truly excellent, and actually does hold out hope for the future, given the extraordinary circumstances which the Country will soon be facing.

    • Does it not confirm the point? The opposition can’t win against Chavez in a presidential election, so it might as well use its platform to attempt to educate the populace so when Chavismo blows up, the opposition will have laid the groundwork for real reform.

  2. Mientras la oposición no logre convencer / persuadir al electorado de los sectores D-E que un nuevo gobierno “no chavista” puede garantizar que la distribución de la renta petrolera le llegará a ellos, ya sea a través de becas, misiones, etc., con el menor esfuerzo y trabajo posible, realmente creo que seremos “unellectables” hasta que se desplomen los precios del petróleo. O sea, nos encontramos en el círculo vicioso del populismo / utilitarismo. Tenemos que reinventarnos polìticamente para ser una verdadera opción en esos sectores (76% de la población)

    • “con el menor esfuerzo y trabajo posible” wow, me deprimiste con ese comentario…
      Es decir, somos Africa y lo que queremos es seguir siendo Africa pero mandando nosotros?

  3. Si la oposición no logra ser hegemónica en las grandes ciudades (60%+ de la votación) y ganar buena parte de las ciudades medianas, siempre sacaremos el 45% con el que estamos. Lamentablemente, en Venezuela pesa demasiado el “monte y culebra” y no Caracas (que por cierto, no terminamos de consolidar como nuestra).

    Falta mucho por hacer todavía.

    • Trapo rojo. Chávez used to be really good at using outrageous statements like these to rile us up. Diosdado is a poor man’s Chávez (get the irony? Diosdado = poor man? hehe). I wouldn’t pay much attention to this. That is not to say they might well do it … they might! I hope so! That would be a clear violation of the Constitution, and it wouldn’t affect us much if they did.

  4. It is back to the usual losing attitude of much of the opposition. Blame everyone – from the CNE to the absent voters for the loss. Nunca asumen su responabilidad por cualquier fracaso. Unless the opposition changes its public faces and starts to be honest within its own ranks and with the voters, it is hardly likely to win the presidency and will be limited to just a few alcaldias and the eunuch AN representation. (It has not won one vote in two years!)

    You all klnow that this is true and has been proven time and again since 1999. Unelectable is the key word so continue in the same vein. Borges, MCM and others are solidifying thus with their postures after thre results.

    Capriles and Falcón are both tied to the decisions of chavismo in the states where they were elected as los rojos rojitos controlan la asmablea legislativa de Mirnada y Lara.

    En realidad es el mayor fracaso de la oposición desde el 2005 cuando abandonó las elecciones de la AN.

    • That’s quite unfair. I don’t doubt Capriles is the leader of the opposition, and I agree that running in Miranda again was a good move. All I am doing is taking Martinez’s article and pointing to problems Capriles has in his most radical flank. I don’t agree with a lot of what Martínez has to say.

      • Sorry, but you seemed to like Ibsen’s “puñalada trapera” so much you even translated a “money quote”… Maybe I misread… but you sounded quite aroused… Wouldn’t it do more good to try to be consistent and take some time BEFORE re-posting such a despicable attack ON THE DAY OF THE ELECTION, when all the bellow the belt hits were against Capriles?

        One of the common miss-perceptions of those living abroad (you and most of your readers) is that you can take a beating (not a knock-out) and stand up and keep fighting… (“nos golpearon pero no nos noquearon”), because you are on the ring side, pal… You don’t have to spend THREE days looking for what you need to “give yourself a merry little Christmas”… (LITTLE is the most important word in that sentence…)… and I still have one day to go…

        Hours after the “beating”, and after a sound sleep in the security of Santiago, your are up and ready… while the oppo inside Venezuela is still getting its bearings…

        Suniaga, by the way, hit the nail on the head: the problem, up to now, is the oppo inside the oppo… Unity is crucial, and that’s the main point the “chavismo-without-Chávez” is attacking now…

        And when you, without thinking it a second time, translate and publish such an unfair and mean attack on Capriles, you are contributing to that…

        When Chávez dies, the shoe will be in the other foot… let’s hope for the… best or worst… your choice…

        By the way, it’s about time you call out for “Christmas time holidays”, ain´t it? You’ve done it every year… You know: the kids, the family… all the rigmarole… You, the “keyboard warriors”, need your vacations, don’t you?

        We that live in Venezuela under a non-declared curfew every day don’t have that chance…

        Happy Holidays, Juan et al… y próspero Año Nuevo… sin harina (PAN o de trigo) o pollo o carne o pasta…

        Best wishes…

      • “The only way Capriles has a chance is if he puts away the “Progreso para Todos” crap and recycles himself into the Rottweiler of Venezuela’s opposition. The only way he wins is if a few million of the people that voted for Chávez stay home – like they did last Sunday – and do not vote for Maduro because it would be … icky. The only chance he has is if he keeps his base in his pocket and drives the soft chavista vote home. And the only way he does that is if he tells us clearly how horrible a Maduro+Diosdado+Jaua government would be.

        If he’s not willing to do that, then we’re better off with Ledezma”.

        YOUR WORDS, NOT EVEN IBSEN’S… You practically signed Ibsen’s piece without second thoughts… or without reading the DATE the SOB published it: on the same Sunday the voting was taking place…

        Now… well… what can you do? Edit?

        Such “superbia” is only surpassed by Chávez’s!


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