Preparing for the wrong conflict

Estos misiles son la patria nueva...
Estos misiles anti-aereos son la patria nueva…

The new Defense Minister Diego Molero Bellavia visited this week the new missile complex of Paraguaná (located near the Josefa Camejo Airport) and told reporters it will be ready in 2013.

The new base, armed with the Russian S-125 Neva/Pechorawill SAM missile system, will protect our territorial seas and the CRP oil refining “strategic” facilities.

The missile base was supposed to be ready this year, as Molero’s predecessor (and new Trujillo State Governor) Henry Rangel Silva informed during a visit in March. Let’s wait and see what happens in the next six to twelve months.

As the Chavernment keeps wasting spending money in shiny new junk weapons, the real everyday conflict in Venezuela is still rampant: The long Christmas weekend was the most violent in Caracas this year and the latest independent estimates show that 2012 could end up crossing the historical threshold 0f +20.000 violent deaths.

What’s the response from the Interior Minister after 19 security plans? We need help.

Paraphasing a famous comic book: With great ballistic power, comes great irresponsibility.

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