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Remaking the bureaucracy. Because chavistas excel at that...
Remaking the bureaucracy. Because chavistas excel at that…

If you’re interested in how the Revolution is Broadcast, this leaked letter from Information Minister Ernesto Villegas to Hugo Chávez is pretty interesting.

The letter provides a detailed analysis of the current “failed” public media system. It is highly critical of the lack of appealing content in state media, and lays out strategies for moving forward.

What Minister Villegas (in full empire-building, sibling-hiring mode) is proposing is, basically, a complete re-organization of the state media and publicity apparatus, further hounding private media and re-focusing it to become an even more effective tool of the ruling party and of socialist ideology.

As a document, it is an indictment of both current policy and of Villegas himself, who – in proposing governance structures particularly tailored to meet the interests of the PSUV and its allied parties – is essentially committing a crime; and in proposing Telesur en Inglés, is committing a crime against the English language.

It’s a long read, but well worth your time.

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