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israel-centenoIsrael Centeno in El País, (an English version is here.)

Un gobierno autocrático que se ha adueñado de todas las instituciones del Estado no informa, no dice la verdad; nadie en su entorno goza de libertad para expresarse con espontaneidad; incluso la desaparición y los rumores sobre la enfermedad, muerte y posible resurrección del líder, aunque parecieran una hipérbole paranoica de Orwell, son manipuladas por el líder desde cualquier limbo donde hoy se encuentre ahora y siempre. Aumentar la estática y las versiones encontradas sobre un hecho tiene un propósito: contaminar, como se acostumbra, cualquier situación medianamente potable. Y tiene por objetivo desplazar el interés nacional hacia donde lo crea necesario y conveniente la revolución, la nueva Iglesia, y los vicarios de Chávez en la tierra.

An autocratic government that has become the owner of all the institutions of the State does not inform, does not speak the truth; no one in its milieu enjoys the liberty of expressing himself spontaneously; moreover, the disappearance and the rumors about the illness, death and possible resurrection of the leader, though they might seem like a paranoid hyperbole by Orwell, are manipulated by the leader from whatever limbo he might find himself in today, now and always. Augmenting the static and the versions to be found regarding an event serves a single purpose: to contaminate, as is the custom, any situation that might be moderately acceptable. And its objective is to displace the national interest toward wherever might be deemed necessary and convenient by the revolution, the new Church, and the vicars of Chávez on earth.

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  1. It all underlines the necessity of a large affluent, educated, and informed middle-class to support a healthy stable democracy. Unfortunately, affluence leads the majority into a slumber that opens the gates for opportunists to undermine the protections built into the laws. The constitutional framers had a difficult task: how to protect from those who are bad without impeding those who are good, i.e. identifying bad from good.

  2. Quico, as our friends Cort Greene or Get a Clue can perfectly explain to your escualido heart, “El Pais” has joined the international right wing conspiracy, and now acts as an attack dog of the US Empire

    …because why else would they say such nasty -and completely baseless and untrue!- things about the über democratic revolutionary process going on in Venezuela?!! for shame I say! for shame!

    • Thanks GP, my Spanish is OK but still lacking a lot. (And Google translate is often totally bizarre, though it does OK on this article).

    • Thanks GP!

      I’d consider switching “turning up the noise” for “augmenting the static”, though: over-reliance on latin-based cognates is the big pitfall when translating Spanish to English.

  3. Many countries have large affluent, educated( not so smart), and informed middle-class and don’t have a healthy stable democracy including the US of A which has a plutocracy where the rich and powerful rule the roast.

    You got to be rich and or powerful just to run a campaign to be on the mosquito control board.
    As fo El Pais it’s a corporate rag, that practice’s yellow journalism and 53% of stories on Venezuela come out gusano-land (Miami) and I would not even wrap dead fish in it, it’s that bad.

    Jan, 23rd should be fun, hey!

    • Ad hominem remarks like the one about Miami are evidence of a closed mind. The same goes for the comment about El Pais. I’ve read El Pais ever since the fall of Franco; it’s excellent. But no story can be accepted because of that, just as no stories coming from Chavez can be rejected only on the basis that he is the source.

    • Yeah it seems like Chavez didn’t need any of Miquilena’s greens to get his campaign up and running after you know, breaking the law on two separate occasions, threatening El Estado de Derecho and causing the deaths of hundreds of people. Also, the US has a full fledged democracy, its not New Zealand perfect, but it ranks miles and miles higher than Venezuela in any statistic. I guess i can’t use reason on a person that looks at reason like some evil Jew beast that must be conquered by the might of Marxist propaganda.

      • hal9000,
        Your constant reference to “evil Jews” in your comments is disingenuous and way off-topic. This has nothing to do with the problems of Venezuela, or elsewhere on the planet. Move into modern civilization and stop that crap.

        • Oh really? Does it sound offensive? this is the last time i channel VTVs epithet of blaming everything on the CIA-zionist-capitalist conspiracy!

    • Cort: do you even read Spanish at a level that could digest what articles in El País are saying? Something tells me you don’t. So why not put that little fantasy, one of many, aside?

    • Finished with the epithets? Good, now you have purged yourself for today.

      Jan. 23 in Venezuela should be a lot of fun and games, courtesy of Bolivarian thugs trying to prevent a manifestation, true enough.

    • “Cort” turns out to be the “fish wife”(sic) that Arturo referred to some time ago–“I would not even wrap dead fish in it….”

  4. But I don’t think Venezuela can or could be Post-Orwellian!!!

    It never was Orwellian. This country and it’s “Revolution” have as much to do with a Totalitarian Revolution as envisioned by Orwell as much as a modern democrat has with the Barons that made the Magna Carta law, even less in fact.

    There in a real totalitarian, Socialist Revolution like Orwell envisioned, lying and obfuscation is a subterfuge and a weapon used by the totalitarian revolutions to control the present, to present an ideal picture of now that will make the proletarians rise to a new level of consciousness and culture. They want complete control and lies give an illusion of complete control.

    Venezuela now more than ever, is Magical Realism and Syncretic. There’s no illusion of complete control, rather it can be openly chaotic for all they care. Here, lying and obfuscation is myth in the making and storytelling, the foundations of a religion and a legend for personal attachment of the poor, the ignorant and the emotionally needy (which never stop being these piteous creatures) with… the legend of the National Leader / Hero / Martyr which is their objective, to be milked by his acolytes for decades.

    “A new era of the magical explanation of the world is rising, an explanation based on will rather than knowledge. There is no truth in either the moral or the scientific sense.”

  5. What Chavismo is capable of doing , is doing, and predictably will do( ay yay yay, we are so boringly up to date on the status of the regime’s evil in Venezuela), has been discussed far too much.

    What about the opposition’s role in creating all of this?

    I can envision Chavez and the Fidels,all lying in bed in a coma with a ventriloquist by their sides, and the opposition still without a real plan of effective action.

    • It’s a surety that most opposition members of the AN have been managers, docents employers at some point in their lives. To grant a medical leave or dispensation they had to demand a medical diagnosis from the afflicted, duly signed. They could begin by asking themselves, in the name of all that’s holy and all that’s damned how they could not organize to demand a single scrap of a medical report in this ONE MOST IMPORTANT CASE. Like, 10 times to boot.

  6. I find it confounding that the Chavez base, which includes many of the poor and the “left out”, seem to watch with glee as Chavismo eats the hearts out of those who have succeeded in Venezuela in the past. One would think that after being “left out” there might be some empathy – even for those who were not “left out” in the past. Yet, even under Chavismo, the poor are still pretty much “left out”, and much of it is because those who built up factories, farms, businesses of every dimension in Venezuela. They did a good job of putting quality products on the shelves, made domestically abd at affordable prices. Now Chavismo is happy to import everything, with subsidized currency, that supports foreign manufacturers, farmers, and shipping, and brokers. It makes no sense. It is not sustainable. It is criminal. It is what the majority voted for. There has to be a solution, and when and if it is found…. there needs to be a constitution that can prevent this debacle from happening again.


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