Chavismo is coming for grandma


… and I mean that literally.

According to La Verdad, a Maracaibo newspaper, José Álvarez, a rural Táchira native, tortured and killed his 80-year old mother because “god” had “commanded him to do so, because that was the only way Chávez would get better.”

Human sacrifices … as if we didn’t have enough to worry about.

Venezuelans on the fringe have long believed in bloody sacrifices, courtesy of our indigenous ancestry. Now, with the influence of Cuban babalawos, these beliefs are rapidly becoming mainstream.

Chavistas really need to get a grip. This whole movement to transform Chávez into some sort of quasi-religious figure is going from pathetic to frightening … to downright dangerous.

El cáncer de Chávez los tiene locos.

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      • I don’t know what’s worse, believing that God is telling you to kill someone, or blogging that “these beliefs are rapidly becoming mainstream”.

        • Babalawos are rapidly becoming mainstream.

          At any rate, I believe killing someone is a bit worse than blogging about killing someone.

          • No, babalawos are not becoming mainstream. Unless you project that with current rates of growth they will be mainstream in 1,000 years.

          • Oh, yes, all that people that you see dressed in white, in the street, all those Santería books popping out on the bookstores, are just a sign of cosplay and anthropological interest…

          • So either you have calculated the rate of growth of the african animist cult in Venezuela, info you would not mind to share, or you are an asshole

          • “mainstream” does not mean that most are engaged in it. It simply means that it is been seen enough to be considered legitimate, out of the closet, no longer relegated to backrooms, no longer underground. When I was a child growing up, folks around me thought Mormonism was a cult. Now it is considered a “mainstream” religion because it is no longer isolated to one state in my country and seen regularly on tv, in bookstores and street corners in almost every community. Get it? Not the majority, not necessarily a lot of folks, but “visible” and “legitimized.”

          • The cultist figure, the bullshit, the babalao is pretty consistent with the brujeria culture that also exist in Venezuela, so yes, it’s safe for Juan to say this is becoming mainstream since the cubans are everywhere in Venezuela, besides being the ruling class. Otherwise the loco would have been said, I killed her because God told me to, leaving the Chavez part away. It’s all related of course it is.

          • We even had a witch doctor that was presidential candidate: ROMULO ABREU DUARTE

            I saw him killing (maybe just manipulating) a hen in front of the Asamblea, around 93.

    • I wonder what kind of spin chavistas are going to use in this, maybe capitalism? Zionism? CIA? Maybe they’ll say, WELL THAT OLIGARCH KILLED 7 PEOPLE BECAUSE HE WAS DEPRESSED CHAVEZ WON! SO FORGET ABOUT THIS AND GO BACK TO THAT STORY!

  1. It is sometimes hard to distinguish between elements of chavismo and mental illness, but here the distinction probably pertains.

  2. ” añadió Cuesta, al subrayar que “con relación a la proyección de la salud” del presidente “la Letra del Año no habla (dice) nada”. must be b/c he is downstairs already with his pal fidel.

    Juan, scary yes… but nor surprising…

  3. I’m sort of with Yoyo here, sorry to say. Blaming Chávez for collective craziness is ok in a kind of loose, figurative sense, but this one guy isn’t figuratively crazy, he has a very nasty and very tragic psychopathology.

      • Another comparison might be attributing Sarah Palin’s infamous “targets” on her website, aimed at Democratic seats, for the massacre in Arizona. Chavismo brings out the crazies, but the crazies will find something to bring them out, if it is not chavismo.

        Much of the rhetoric from the chavez regime strikes me as incendiary and potentially dangerous. But not because it might attract a small number of crazies.

        • Bad comparison. While I think it would be way out of bounds to blame Chavez/Chavistas/PSUV etc for anything this nut did, there is at least a shred of connection in that the nutcase in this sad event actually mentioned Chavez by name as part of the motive. In contrast, there is not a shred of evidence to suggest Jared Loughner was motivated to carry out his act by anything Sarah Palin did. The “blame it on the crosshairs” meme has been put forward and propagated by Democrat/leftist US bloggers and media in an attempt to assign blame for the event on Republicans/conservatives, and derive electoral benefit from it.

          To this day, Loughner’s motives are unknown, and law enforcement officials have not released any information regarding them, as he has not cooperated with the investigation. Loughner has been described as an Anarchist/Nihilist who despised all politicians. Whatever the root of his obsession/anger with Gabby Giffords, it goes back at least as far as 2007, well before Sarah Palin drew any political maps, or was even on anyone else’s political maps herself.

          And one other thing: Crosshairs on a f’n map?!? R U serious? Gee, like no one ever in all of the history of everywhere ever thought you could use a gun to assassinate a politician/monarch/dictator/strongman until Sarah Palin put some crosshairs on a stupid map. Guess that’s why Hugo Chavez didn’t start wearing that red body armor vest that made him look like a bloated May Day parade balloon until late 2010, at the earliest.

          • The comparison I was making was the tenuous causality in both cases. Notwithstanding that I am a left-wing pinko extremist, New Yorker reading Democrat- sympathizer on most things, we appear to agree.

      • That’s a very bad argument.
        In the U.S., murders by hammers and other blunt objects outnumbered murders by rifles in 2011. Let’s crucify the NHA (National Hammer Association) for that and vote to ban hammers, baseball bats and two-by-fours lest more psychos kill more people!

        • Care to compare that number again but using murder by handguns instead of rifles? The NRA might stand for National Rifle Association but they are not limited to just this kind of gun.
          Besides, do you know anyone buying an arsenal of hammers to defend their home from the “bad guys” like the NRA proposes we should do but with guns? Talk about a bad argument!

          • You anti-gun people love to bring numbers about killings by guns, but always fail to think of the number of killings that were PREVENTED by law-abiding gun-owners. Think not only of prevented killings. How about rapes, assaults, and other violent crimes that did NOT happen because either the criminal was stopped by a gun or thought the victim might have had a gun. Guns do not kill people. People kill people.

          • I disagree. There is evidence that guns do kill people. Also, your turn of phrase has brought to mind a Depeche Mode song, which I do not thank you for.

          • “Nothing is quite so boring as when the blog devolves into a stupid talking point shouting match over a controversy that’s not even one of our own.”

            Leave to devolve was offered by JC. And the issue is topical. But this is your blog so my apologies for lowering the debate. I’d just add that most crazy people are not dangerous. This is a great misconception. And I like Adam Gopnik.

          • Thanks djm for defending Palin from this non-issue! Gold star for you.

            My point in bringing the NRA is that when psychos act, sometimes it becomes political. There is a discussion between psychos and public policy, and it happens everywhere (even Norway). That is the motivation behind the post. In hindsight, it was probably not worth going there, but whatever, it is what it is.

          • suecia, more than 30% people have guns, men must do military training(and the goverment provide guns AFTER they complete it). Look at their number of homicides…

          • Guns dont kill people , people with guns kill people , car drivers dont normally kill people , drunken drivers frequently kill people , licensed physicians help ill people , unlicensed practitioners of medicine often harm their patients. Assault Weapons can be murderous in the wrong hands same as a fast car in the hands of drunken driver or a medical practice in the hands of a witch doctor . its a common sense principle that people need to be vetted and trained and tested before being given the use of potentially dangerous things!!

    • Yeah, if Chavez hadn’t told him to kill his mother he would’ve probably killed her because the neighbor’s cat told him to do so. Crazy is crazy and to this loco Chavez is only tangential. Now the cult of personality and collective political psychosis that grips a country is a completely different animal.

  4. This is a very sad death. The man has serious mental issues and needs help. I doubt that the Venezuelan health care system has the resources.

    Did the man believe he could get immunity from prosecution if he claimed his action was for Chavez or even would be approved by Chavez? Chavistas tend to have immunity from criminal prosecution and everyone in Venezuela knows this.

  5. Honestly one cannot simply wake up, open up a news page about Venezuela and not be depressed, either is this, how the country is in the toilet or the Alice in Wonderland disconnected from reality version of the country chavistas like to sell.

    Happiest country in the world? Please, more like laughing maniacally in the corner.

  6. Really, I wouldn’t cite insane persons doing really horrible stuff as evidence that chavismo has really fu**ed up Venezuelan minds.

    I only have to remind myself how many ways I could get shot dead and not only by malandros while driving during the last years in Venezuela, to realize how mad Venezuelan society is now.

    The actual, confirmed madness by the still supposedly sane chavistas is more than enough evidence. From government to fanatics. No medical report to be seen. He’s “fighting” for his life but not absent and in charge. That’s mad enough.

  7. Sorry JC. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you, FT and GHA. I rarely dislike a post in CC but this one just gets to me.

    It makes no sense to extrapolate from an extreme and unfortunate incident and imply that this type of behavior is starting to permeate our society. This is last page of “Panorama” type of stuff. Our society is upside down. But this is sensationalistic and out of touch.

    And the tone is so mean spirited. I hate that last line.

    Sorry maybe I’m just not in the mood.

    • This post is a load of bull and makes me think that you are running short of important items to talk about. As others have noted, this is a tragic incident and, clearly, the individual who committed this horrible crime is mentally ill. To build a metaphorical bridge between this incident and the malady that Chávez has borders on the absurd.

    • I guess you guys didn’t read the comments below that article where some chavistas were saying things like “I hope the sacrifice works!”.

      I don’t know who is more mentally ill, the guy who sacrificed his mom or the chavistas making those comments.


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