Does a scribble prove a life?


Yesterday, Nicolás Maduro named Elías Jaua Foreign minister, or rather, he announced that Chávez had named him.

Today, the official newspaper of the Venezuelan government (where all public acts must be published) includes the decree naming Jaua, along with … Chávez’s signature!

This would Chávez’s first appearance since his operation more than a month ago.

Or is it? Does this signature show Chávez is conscious? We already know the document has a serious problem, in that it says “decreed in Caracas on January 15th.” Last I heard, Chávez was still in Havana yesterday, so that right there is reason enough to suspect the document’s veracity.

Henrique Capriles was on the record today saying that if Chávez was healthy enough to sign documents, he should speak, call on the phone or do something to show he is in charge.

The mind games continue…

UPDATE: Syd suggests a robot may have signed for Chávez.

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