Signatures, oaths, and robots

A golden age for students of Constitutional Law
A golden age for students of Constitutional Law

Constitutional lawyer José Ignacio Hernández has been writing up a storm over at Prodavinci. It figures – chavistas are violating laws so quickly it makes your head spin. It’s really hard to keep up.

In his latest, not only does he question the validity of the robot-signed decree appointing Elías Jaua as Foreign Minister, he says that even putting that aside, Jaua must first take the oath in front of the President before he starts acting all foreignministry-like. Problem is, he can’t do this in Cuba. Chávez would have to administer the oath … in Venezuela.

The article is worth a read. Sorry, it’s in Spanish.

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  1. Lo que parece incríble es que el Gobierno colombiano ya fijó una entrevista entre “Cancilleres” (Holguín y Jaua) a realizarse mañana viernes en Caracas. (Business first, dirá Santos)

  2. Just formalities. Jaua would have been foreign minister regardless of any constitutional barriers.
    The signature robot was in Caracas; it explicitly approved the Jaua appointment, and signed the document. Keep on moving. Nothing to see here.

    • You have to hand it to the Cuban regime. They preside over a state that cannot provide the basic necessities for its population, but they have managed to perpetuate the myth that they are some sort of example for latin america, and in the process they have taken effective control of the government of a major oil producer and benefactor- without so much as a court battle.

      • Why do they need control of Venezuela when they already have excellent bilateral relations? You’ll have to explain this one, because it sounds like you’re repeating soundbites without actually thinking about what you’re saying.

        • Excellent bilateral relations is right. Seamless you might say.

          I may not appear to you to be thinking about what I am saying, but at least I don’t appear to be making decrees without thinking about what I am signing.

          • Why should that matter? When you have no arguments you always bring other countries, this blog is about Venezuela. Cuba and Venezuela have unnatural relations. Period. You like being a colony of Cuba, that is what we are now, so much for revolutionary sovereignty, farsantes is all you guys are.

      • The positive side effect of all these manipulations by the Cubans (of Venezuela’s intregrity) might in the end, be more beneficial than all the negatives. What I mean by this is possibly illustrated by the following comparison:
        In the last US election, Mitt Romney exposed to the vast majority of Americans, the duplicity of his wealthier class. This great American, Mitt Romney, also has allowed us regular Americans to fully realize that the rich; shit the same way as us, manipulate us constantly, and are not to be idolized. Thusly, the 47% of us, will not again be fooled, nor be controlled by these others, just because they have lots of money.

        And even though Romney and Fidel seem to exist in/with opposing political ideologies, they are first cousins, especially in the way they manipulate, exploit, and in their avariciousness. So now, just as Romneyism was exposed to us in the United States as a false doctrine, so too has the true nature of Fidelism been revealed to all peoples of America.

        The sacrifice of Venezuela has made this process possible. But Venezuela’s need to look up, and feel the positives of this liberation, just as we here in the US are presently experiencing our own. When the looneys fall from power in Venezuela(historically, their time of possession is almost over), this emancipation from the corruption, Cuban manipulation, the exploited masses, and the self-centeredness of the masses, will be felt not just in Venezuela, but throughout the America’s.
        Venezuela can come out of this, cleaner and stronger.

        • I agree. I think everything that is happenings for the better. The more they violate the Constitution and do illegal things, the faster the fall will be.

          • It is possible that the Castro government will fall faster than the Chavez government. That will cause hell among Chavistas and may lead to a quicker demise of Chavez if he is still alive. Fidel is an old old man.


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