The morgue conundrum, cont.

IMG_0000068887_W_00600The days of Caracas’ main morgue in Bello Monte could be numbered: in the upcoming weeks, two new facilities located in Caricuao and El Llanito will take on part of the work.

However both premises face some issues before they can become operational: while in Caricuao problems are technical, El Llanito faces opposition from the local community.

As the morgue conundrum has a solution in sight, the spiral of violence continues unchanged in the capital. Even places of worship are no longer safe from crime. Last week, a priest was beaten during an attempted robbery in Caricuao, and two churches in Barinas State have been robbed in the last month.

Days ago, Nicolás Maduro promised in Maracaibo that action will be taken but he put the blame on “imperialist movies and TV shows” as the root cause. Just like Chávez did…

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