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No descarto que esta tipa esté loca
No descarto que esta tipa esté loca

When the final chapter in chavismo is written (and I’m one of the few that think this will happen sooner than most think) one of its most glaring mistakes will be how they sacrificed governance for politics.

We elect governments, in part, because of politics, because of the game they bring to the ring. Many of us choose our leaders to give it to the other side, so to speak, so it’s only natural that, once in power, politicians – politicians that they are – deliver on that. The political games don’t end with the election, the “enemy” is still there even after defeat, and that’s all fair and good.

The problem is that we also elect politicians to serve, to deliver, and to solve problems.  When the government becomes all games and no policy – that is where chavismo’s failures are abysmal.

Case in point: the recent Uribana prison riot. After blaming opposition TV station Globovisión for prematurely announcing that prisoners at the jail would be searched for weapons – the Ministry itself was the one who announced the procedure – the government is at it again. This time, Prisons Minister Iris Varela went on the record to say that “she doesn’t discard the possibility that political factors are the ones trying to light up the prisons.”

In other words, she is suggesting the opposition is at fault.

Of course, Varela is completely mistaken. Never mind the fact that the opposition has no reason to engage in mass murder – how would we go about doing that, exactly? Do we have access to the prisons? To the guards? Does she not realize that Chávez is a deity among Venezuela’s prison population?

These are just political games the Minister is playing. She has no evidence of what she’s saying, but she lays it out there to plant the association in people’s heads. It’s the same as if we were to say that “we don’t discard” that Minister Varela is engaged in underage prostitution. Or that “we don’t discard” that the chavista commenters that come on this blog are all serial killers.

Instead of talking about the failures at Uribana, instead of formulating a policy, Minister Varela is simply … playing corrosive political games, which is what chavistas excel at, after all. Their radical adherence to political ploys, their strict focus on scoring cheap political points, only underscore how limited they are as individuals, how very basic they are at managing the country, how (why not say it) stupid they really are.

They play a good game. It’s too bad they stink at governing.

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  1. Definitively politicians don’t understand the importance of leaving people better off than when they find them especially since they can use the opposition as a scapegoat.Once people buy into a party or person that pretty much finalizes their lack of objectivity.

    Important Rule: Always remain independent, even when voting for a particular candidate

  2. I believe chavistas have learned from Castristas how to be bold, audacious, when lying. They have understood that the Venezuelan population can be divided into thre segments: the ignorant, the indifferent/lazy and the informed (about “7,3%” of the population,). The role of the opposition, therefore, is to show the population how bad the government is, in simple and creative ways, pelarle la papa al público que es vivalapepa.
    For example, Berrizbeitía’s tally of the expenses of Chavez in Cuba is an effective effort. However, the required level of effort is just not there in a systematic manner. Laziness also affects the organized opposition. There is plenty of material to illustrate the collapse in governance and the high levels of coruption but silence is deafening.
    For example, the opposition in the AN should have a field day, every day, with the corruption and stupidities of PDVSA but nothing…. silence. .

  3. When it comes to this kind of communication strategy, I think the MO is Goebbels-type of propaganda. It’s not so much that they repeat 1000 times the opposition is responsible. The core of their strategy lies in making the most outrageous assertions, the more outrageous the better. They don’t need people to believe a 100% of what they say, 10% is about enough to have an effective communication strategy.

    If, for example, they claim Globovision is the only responsible for the violence, chavistas might not take it at face value, but they might think Globovision has done everything in their power to spark the violence. If they say the opposition are all CIA agents, chavistas will believe 10% of them are. After 14 years this strategy seems to work just fine for them…

  4. I would suggest the Venezuelan government create a new Ministry.
    If this ministry worked as well as those already established – then we could hope for better times as failure would be failing. Something positive to emerge?
    Stranger things have happened in Venezuela.

  5. Gerry,
    One of the problems is that people think you are good because of what you believe in, and not because of who you are.

    Measuring who people are is an art form , not practiced in today’s world too much.

  6. Juan: yo no creo que la tipa esté tan loca. Más bien, es una dentro de miles de ineptos y creídos sin fundamento, que vuelan como moscas nocturnas hacia la luz del chavismo, ideología que, como el socialismo o el comunismo, no exige ni gran experiencia en la tarea asignada, ni mucho menos, excelencia. Solo hace falta soñar lo posible, lanzarse con mentiras, y arrodillarse frente al jefe. Más nada.

  7. Firepigette,
    I was being sarcastic in the extreme!!!!
    At my age measuring a person only takes a millisecond and it’s permanent from my perspective.
    When my beliefs are well grounded in fact and experience then I am my beliefs, this is who I am.
    My beliefs have been well filtered and I am a traditional thinker – Thomnsian (Aquinas) I believe.
    Failures are a learning tool, but 13 years of them is way beyond sanity.

  8. Chavistas will always claim that no matter how bad problems are in Venezuela, problems would be a lot worse with the opposition in power. Blaming the opposition for all problems, big or small, true or false, is the corollary to this claim.

    The opposition needs one person to be the universal Chavista scapegoat and actually take credit for all the failures of the current government. “Yes, I caused the food shortage when I fed leftovers to my hogs. Yes, inflation is my doing for agreeing to pay too much. Yes, I started the prison riot, brought in guns, and yelled “Let’s party!”. Yes, the power failures are my fault because I used more than my share of electricity. Yes, Chavez had post-operation complications because my surgical equipment was not sterile. Yes, it was my car that slowed down and caused the traffic jam. , etc.”

    Chavista heads would spin off because they would not know whether to give this guy his own talk show or put him jail. This guy would have more accomplishments than all the Chavistas combined and more credibility.

  9. I have always believed that many of our politician graduated from the Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf School for Communication Studies. She must have graduated Summa Cum Laude.

  10. “When the final chapter in chavismo is written (and I’m one of the few that think this will happen sooner than most think) ” …. I’ve been hearing this one since the early 2000s.

  11. You may be right, but the other problem the Chavistas have is most of their political repartis is so 1-dimensional. Most of us could have guessed Varela’s pronouncements as soon as it all kicked off.

  12. hi BTB
    Irrespective of her looks – Varela could not ever have been a sucessful HOOKER. This woman runs prisons? In any other country she would be in court to answer a charge of Gross Neglicance.
    Even though I have lived in Valencia for many years, I am not a Venezuelan citizen, and I don’t know what to do. Enlighten me please.

  13. This one post should be a must-read for each and all chavistas (and Revolutionary Socialists)…

    Let’s just, (for a single, complete minute, just for the sake of argumentation) suppose that 21st. Century Socialism is not only workable and consistent but better than any and all other forms of government and national development that is possible to practice in Venezuela. That an earnest Venezuelan majority directed by a serious enough and honest enough leadership could reach comparatively high standards of living by building and practicing Socialism, convincing the unconvinced, doing and leading by example.

    Well, even then, chavismo would still fail. And failed it has, no matter how many political victories it has scored or will score. It would still have spawned the corruption, violence and authoritarianism that we see festering on Venezuela. It’s collapse and final failure would still be only a matter of time, as it is now.

    And you know why? Because they haven’t been practicing any Socialism, and scarcely any building, not of Venezuela, not of Socialism, nor of any other system anybody would like to be associated with publicly. Chavismo has all this time been playing “politics”. Dirty, cutthroat, vindictive, sectarian, alienating, demagogic, winner-takes-all, dog-eat-dog, paranoid politics for 14 years. The corrupt and violent kind thereof, that rewards the corrupt, the deceptive and the violent.

    Even if they had 100% of the people being true believers in Socialism, chavismo would still fail at Socialism and at everything. Even then the paranoia would eat the thing from the inside. The only success of chavismo has been rewarding the most violent and corrupt and dividing Venezuela. Besides, if we are to believe all those nice things about the ethics of Socialism, chavismo has been practicing just the opposite just by playing precisely those kinds of politics.


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