Annals of historical name-changing

1971-Stamps-Maps3 (1)The new Chavista governor of Mérida Alexis Ramírez has decided to roll up his sleeves and do some serious work, with the help of the State Legislature (controlled by the PSUV).

Is this about solving the never-ending problem of trash recollection? No.

It is about building a necessary new road for the state? Nanay.

Or it’s about fighting a surging health emergency? Nope. So, what’s the rush for?

The big priority is an inmediate reform of the State’s constitution to change Mérida’s name, or at least its official denomination to “Bolivarian State”.

For the record, Mr. Ramírez proposed in 2010 (he was President of the Legislative Council back then) to drop the name Mérida for Cuica, in honor of the ancient indigenous group that lived there before the Spanish came along. Looks that he won’t go that far.

But, it looks like their Zulian counterparts think this is just a swell idea.

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