Three from the FP

fp-logoThree articles you might find interesting in Foreign Policy.

The first is a searing summary of Hugo Chávez’s impact on Venezuelan politics, by our friend Phil Gunson. It’s a well written wrapup of the Chávez years that almost reads like a premature obituary. Little in there we political junkies don’t already know, but Gunson puts everything together in a package the novice to Venezuela is sure to appreciate.

The second is a nice summary of the career of Guillermo Cochez, Panama’s former ambassador to the OAS and a favorite scourge of chavista diplomats. Javier el-Hage and Thor Halvorssen do a nice job summarizing Cochez’s frequently brave yet ultimately fruitless stances.

The last one is a summary of what it’s like to live through a devaluation, by yours truly.

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