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pacientes-y-trabajadores-del-hospital-periferico-de-coche-protestan-por-falta-de-insumos-video-2A fortnight ago, one major public hospital of Western Caracas (the Periférico de Coche) was close to shutting down. Doctors and patients staged a loud protest from both inside and outside the hospital.

24 hours later, Nicolás Maduro himself made a “surprise inspection”. The Chavernment took over control of the hospital from themselves, as the Health Ministry was already in charge.

But Coche isn’t the only Caracas hospital with problems: the personnel at the Perez Carreño hospital (helmed by the national social security insitute, IVSS) staged their own protest days later over the lack of supplies and faulty equipment. Instead of getting a visit from the Vice-President, they got one from National Guard soldiers.

While the Barrio Adentro program gets all the attention, public hospitals have been neglected for years in the capital. The quality of service has declined to the point that only half of their beds are currently funtional. Doctors have fled the public health system, choosing to either join private clinics here or leave the country.

The Venezuelan private health sector has taken on a bigger role: last year, they reached a special deal with a group of public entities called the Interinstitutional Health Alliance (AIS) which includes PDVSA, CANTV and other state companies.

But the one-year deal has expired and its renewal is in jeopardy, because members of the AIS owes a lot to private health centers. The AIS wants to renegotiate the deal and they have put pressure with their own “demostrations” all around the country.

What else can you expect from a public health system that gets less money in the National Budget that the multiple debt payments of the Republic?

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  1. As usual, a photo op to clarify that the disaster at hand falling fully within the control of the government is completely the fault of other people.

  2. How will these needy patients end their lives
    in dignity, when even the top dog is rumored to be braindead,
    abetted by machinations of his daughter, and her partners
    ripe and hairy?

  3. Ever since Potempkin had the idea of building fake riverside villages to give Empress Catherine the notion that the people seen from her travelling river boat led happy lives all governments have always prized the importance of manipulated appearance to disguise the uncomfortable realities that surround the ‘master’s sight ( the master in this case being the voting public) . If any government prizes and privileges the manipulative handling of media communications to afford people a distorted candified view of reality its this one , To them carefully manipulated appearances have the power of transforming unpleasant or inconvenient realities or truths into benign or favourable impressions . In time they come to unthinkingly believe their own propaganda so that in their minds appearances and external forms substitute for reality.
    Manipulative communications have become not only policy but second nature to the regime so that unless your mind is already stupified by belief in the regimes own propaganda the more penetrating mind of the independent public must concieve the regimes discourse as always suspect or false. The thing is that because theyve taught themselves to believe their own lies they cannot accept people without irritation not being taken in by their propaganda.


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