NPR's OnPoint Today (Updated)


Have a listen:

Update: Here’s me (Juan) on Canadian TV. Here’s me on NPR. Here’s me on CNN Chile. Here’s me on the CBC.

I’m kind of sick of myself.

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  1. great interview guys… off topic, I didn’t now R Caroll was so cute too- he looks like a movie star out of downton abbey … lol sorry 😀

  2. This is one of the best, most sober conversations I have ever heard! Great analysis from all speakers. Gracias mil, Quico!

  3. Quico and JC congrats ro both… Loved the NPR program. Glad to cleared up the chiabe in cuba being treated in cuba for secrecy issue…

  4. Juan did well on the CBC. Glad the producers tracked you down. The guy who finished up…yeesh…a radio host’s worst nightmare….

    • I think that I-want-to-be-careful-here Larry Birns (*) will never be invited back by the CBC. Geeesh, what a bluffer! Good show, otherwise. Juan, a.k.a. hammerhead, delivered again.

      Larry Birns is the Director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs in Washington and a long-time observer of Latin American politics. He was in Washington.


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