This is the greatest thing that’s happened in my career. </starryeyes>

Also, I’m on KQED, an NPR affiliate in Northern California live right now.

Update: and later, a second Sully link in one day!

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  1. Kico, conchale! Llega un tipo y dice que Chavez cambio la constitucion y que incluyo el derecho de la gente de llamar a referendo para destituir al presidente, y nadie dice nada de que eso se hizo, pero lo que creo fue una persecucion politica sin precedentes, Tascon, etc??????

  2. It seems sometimes that the only thing authorities outside of Venezuela care about INSIDE Venezuela is their OIL!!! No, that can’t be right. But my bandwidth keeps chopping up the interview (but never during commercials, gah!) so I can’t hear it all. But I heard you.

    • Pretty much true. Add only for Venezuela’s “allies”: what that oil can GIVE them. As for those inhabiting Venezuela, as my Mother used to say, paraphrasing the Bible, “Each man (and country’s population) is his own destruction “

  3. I made a comment in the npr forum saying that tinker salas think way too highly of chavistas not using the tascon list, and they erased it :/

    • I dunno how you do it Quico, but the mister made my blood boil a little bit, he is way too naive about Chavistas and the way they operate.

      • Same here. I’m sick of the praising.
        Another one that infuriated me was the one about his father passing in an hospital in 1989 and having to bring supplies. That had nothing to do with the lack of supplies right now, issued he waived…

    • Maaan! I´m so pissed I missed the live show.. I went to snoop around the funeral procession instead. But i would´ve LOVED to just call in and ask MTK point blank: How often do you ACTUALLY come to Venezuela anymore? Anyone who´s been present during a political rally or an election has witnessed intimidation of public workers and, yes, PSUV knocking on peoples door´s and badgering them to vote. I certainly have.

  4. Te oi por KQ pero ese profesor pro chavista nada que ver. Excelente artículo! Wow the dish… O sea. No wonder you are starry eyed and a media celebrity. Will you talk to us mortals in the fture? 😉 muy merecidos congrats….

  5. Congrats on making The Dish! You handled Tinker Bell, um , I mean, Salas very well. What a tool he is! I remember listening to you two before on another program, and all I could think was, WTF?

  6. I still seem to be all alone here on this blog. I see the politics as a chess game where playing aggressive strategies typically run out of steam. The Maduro political offensive might hold on to power for the short-term, but his long-term problem is the current fundamental economic strategy which is leading to disaster. I would think that the opposition strategy should be “defensive” and more visible than it has been, and the opposition should be focusing on a long term strategy that gradually wears away the worshiping of the parallel universe as the morbidity of reality seeps into the collective consciousness.

    Maduro, et. al. strategy is to keep the opposition viewed as part of the problem!


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