Annals of socialist cell-phone making

The retail price of this vergatario doesn't include the cost of the problems found by Comptroller General's Office
The retail price of this vergatario doesn’t include the cost of the problems found by the Comptroller General’s Office

Remember the vergatario cell phone?

The model is still being produced (and upgraded) by Vtelca, a state-owned company created in association with the Chinese electronics maker ZTE.

But a report by the Comptroller General’s Office says the company has more than its share of flaws since it began operations.

For example, Vtelca didn’t have an operations plan in place for 2009, and the following year some sort of plan was implemented without the approval of its “shareholders”. The company also lacks a fully integrated accounting system (never mind a manual one, or even an abacus!) to register all its financial operations and registers.

It is all done manually… in Excel pages… by Vtelca’s employees acting on their own.

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    • He’s a good and interesting writer generally. With all the excellent reporting and commentary out there on this event, particularly from his colleague Jon Lee Anderson, this particular piece shows him wading into unfamiliar territory with not a lot of grasp of the situation or a lot interesting to say. I think it just shows the perils sometimes which journalists face in trying to pump out something interesting and relevant every day. Maybe patience is called for.

      • By the standards of countries such as Angola and Nigeria, that have seen the resource curse lead to large-scale violence and civil conflict, Chávez’s mismanagement of P.D.V.S.A. may seem relatively minor.

        Well, yes…quite!


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