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bullet-pointsI know Quico hates it when I post random bullet points of stuff, but there are several things I need to say, and I don’t have time today for an ellaborate post on each one:

  • Don’t dwell too much on the mass hysteria and the adoring throngs of people. First off, they are not one in the same. There are many people who went to the procession yesterday and/or are going to see the body today because they liked (not “revered,” not “loved,” simply “liked”) Chávez. Others are going out of mere curiosity. Sure, the others, the ones that are wailing and ripping their robes – those are the die-hard supporters, and the camera loves them. But do they represent the majority of the country? I doubt it… In statistics, they call this self-selection bias – don’t draw conclusions from carefully staged images from a non-random sample.
  • Whoa. We have a first lady? When did Maduro take the oath? When did they get married? I wanna see the marriage certificate. #DonaldTrumpModeOn.
  • A friend reminded me the other day – one time, not so long ago, in a not-too distant land, a populist, larger-than-life leftist military Latin American President died while holding office. His chosen successor inherited a mess, and proved unable to handle it. I don’t want this for my country, but let’s not think for a second that the spectacle we are watching signifies the definitive consolidation of chavismo in power.
  • Really? Are we going to fret about where they bury Chávez? For all I care, he can go to the Panteón Nacional and be buried on top of Simón Bolívar. This is not an issue we need to make an issue out of. Los muertos que entierren a sus muertos
  • While we’re on the subject, don’t even get me started on the crazy conspiracy theories going around about Chávez not being really dead, or having died in Cuba, or the body being a wax figure.
  • A propos of our self-parodying Defense Minister, the strategy coming from chavistas is: say or do the most outrageous thing you can think of, wait until they start frothing at the mouth, and then convince the people nonstop that they “are inhuman fascists who are full of hatred.” The ultimate goal is to make this election about whether or not the opposition are in fact human beings, and not about Maduro and his very serious failings as a candidate. Remember, it’s not about us, it’s about him and his posse. Don’t fall into their trap. Patience is key.
  • Oh, and Capriles is the candidate. It’s a done deal.
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  1. Thank you. We need to busy ourselves with more important matters, if anything after realizing how many active PSF are left out there. No time for home grown idiotic conspiracy theories.

  2. Where is it confirmed about Capriles? Been following news and so far I have not read anything from the MUD or Capriles… Any links? Or is it a “dato”

  3. Great post, and by the way , bullet points make it easier to read and gives information more clarity.

    We are not writing short stories here.

    There is so much info out there that making it easier/quicker to read is a service to others.

  4. Certifico lo de ver a Chave’z body for “mere curiosity”. Some of my 1997 classmates from UCAB Law have said they wish to go and see Chavez. All of them are true oppo, oligarcas, escualidos y majunches, as I am…. Told them if they really want to go, there is for sure a kind of “Disney Speed Fast ticket” mechanism from mourners on la cola to see him… They’ll have to bajarse de la mula of course…

  5. While infrequent bullets are ok, I’d have to agree with Quico:

    They detract from the narrative non-fiction style and flow that makes CC such an agreeable place to visit.
    They distract, even compete with the chosen photograph or illustration.
    And that’s all I have to say about bullets.
    So there.

  6. That’s such an important point — not to get demoralized by The Big Show.

    (And…weighing in as pro-bullet. I’d rather know more about what you guys are thinking than less).

  7. I just came back from la Academia MIlitar, after 8 hours of lines and shoving and metallic sun (and a magenta sunburn). I did not get to see Chavez. And neither will at LEAST 3/4ths of the people who have been there, patiently waiting, yes, crying and singing, since before dawn today. The are determined to see their comandante, and I cannot stress enough how impossible this wish will be to fulfill. As I walked back along the 1,5 kms. or so of lines upon lines upon lines of people, and saw the eager faces of thousands upon thousands of supporters, old ladies, children, ,pregnant mothers, I felt really sad for them, for they will be disappointed. The process is so magnanimously disorganized, theres no police or military oversight, except for 100 students of the Universidad Nacional de Seguridad who are guarding the front gate of the entrance to Chavez´coffin-room, other than that, people are left entirely up to their own devices. There are no ropes, no signs, no first aid tents for all the people I saw fainting of heat stroke, the entirety of Los Proceres Boulevard is flanked by puddles of piss because there are too few portapotties…. Ebery now and then there is a water truck, but not much else by way of anticipating such a large and uncontrolled agglomeration of people.
    As an aside for chisme, I talked to a lady who had just come out of seeing Chavez, and she told me that he was purplish, apparently the 8 hours he spent decomposing in the sun yesterday took a toll on his appearance….
    All in all, I would say this epic and spectacular failure is kind of a metaphor for how the government will act from now on, completely improvised, mismanaged and incapable of properly planning for both obvious and unforeseen complications.

    • Eduarte, ” All in all, I would say this epic and spectacular failure is kind of a metaphor for Eduarte,

      Nothing new.

      This sounds like a replay of what I saw in 1981 with Betacourt’s funeral, whose procession went right by my house, when we lived in a ground floor apartment, and my daughter was only 2 months old.The noise was unbearable , which made her cry from lack of sleep.People were so thirsty they decided to approach my dining room window continually demanding water.I could not run fast enough from the kitchen to the window to satisfy the ungrateful bastards.

      Sometimes people are hysterical.Sometimes they are more hysterical than deeply feeling.Sometimes they dramatize their hysteria so much they forget about being kind to others.

      Do I feel sorry for people caught up in this sort of fantasy/feeling mode?Not at all.We all have feelings and theirs are not more important than mine or others.

      Absolutely not, even when for them at the time it feels real, I believe in tough love in this case.

      • sorry didn’t mean to say’ metaphor for Eduarte’….sometimes these boxes don’t let me see what I write.

  8. I for my part won’t make a joke about Hugo Chavez’s death or his family’s grief.

    And I wouldn’t mind the undignified, tacky drama queens and attention whores setting the tune here, except that they seem to think they got free rein to throw dire threats with grief. I should advice a hearty trolling of the living sh*ts out of them. For somebody must set a dynamite stick where the sun don’t shine of their kitschy and rehearsed displays of grieving hysterics, on their vulgar, pseudo-popular-pseudo-religious attempts at beatification. Which they combine, not at all self-consciously and for rather comical effect with macho displays, theatrical displays of self-righteous anger and plenty of insult. All the arrogant attitude of someone who can’t admit to others that they doubt. But that’ right, for rather than in doubt, these poor crybabies are scared to death and sh**ting bricks. So, here it goes:

    On other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. But “they” say he will return to nail us, we who make light and jokes about the Holy Faith, the People of Spain and blah blah blah incarnated forever in His Holy Person.

    President-Commander Hugo Chavez, on the other hand… What a coincidence! No need to continue. Idem as above, but substitute New Man and Socialism and Venezuela blah blah blah.

  9. About the first lady, que bolas tienen, esa va en la lista de “mistresses”, al ladito y mas abajo que la blanca ibañez


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