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It’s been a long week, folks. Good night.

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  1. Buenos noches. This was a long week but one of the best. It will be weeks or years before all is decrypted. Thanks for the many posts.

  2. I’d give anything to see a photo of a guy standing outside Miraflores offering free condoms to the motorcade driving past him.

  3. Unexpectedly this moment became quite important for Capriles. He was in sync with the base of the opposition and was able to articulate the feeling. He also referred to Maduro as Nicolas, which was a preview of the campaign. He can attack Maduro in ways he couldn’t with Chavez.

  4. ¡Que buen inglés se habla en Venezuela! Es como si fueran estadounidenses y anglófonos de verdad. Tal vez pudiera yo practicarlo. Ciertamente, la comparación Carmona-Maduro revela la lucidez y sanidad sobresalientes e inteligentes de la posición de la oposición como también del sarcasmo de Togel y Naro. En cuanto pueda, compraré su libro y lo leeré como análisis y como transferencia.

    • Capriles has shaken more hands, given more hugs, had more direct contact with the people of Venezuela than any other living politician. That’s a start.

  5. What more is there to say?Nothing, You will lose big time whenever the election is no matter how much money the US pours in to defeat the revo again, with many not voting at all.
    And to calls to go further to real socialism by the grassroots and militants gets louder with each passing minute.

    As your good friend and oppo said recently “I’m more afraid of Chávez physically dead than alive, because the opposition will be defeated in elections all over again.” because now you face an immortal and the people who will love him like Che.

    Los que mueren por la vida no pueden llamarse muertos!

    Those who die for life cannot be called dead!

    Ali Primera


    Sepan que solo muero si ustedes van aflojando porque el que murio peleando vive en cada compañero

    Rojo Rojito

    • Pana, la lucha que peleas la peleas contra ti mismo. Aprende de la enfermedad que consumio a Chavez: toda esa pelea y su peor enemigo estaba dentro de si mismo.

      Accepta la verdad: si quieres mejorar a tu pais lo unico que sirve es dejar de ser flojo, lo que se necesita es estudiar y trabajar, no habladera de paja!

      A si, gracias por la musica!

      • Chamo, lo que pasa es que el tipo es Gringo, y ni siquiera ha visto Venezuela fuera de fotos y videos.

        O Sea……..

    • Cheerleaders for dictatorship usually repent, but Mr. Trotsky Junior
      here just isn’t smart enough to figure it all out. Sieg! Heil! Victoria, Siempre! “Vivo y muero por mis descamisados!”

    • USAID isn’t in Venezuela any more. How do you suppose that the US would interfere in the Venezuelan elections? The boligarchs are behind the chavistas. There are no big opposition players where money could be funneled, not with the auditing that the opposition must withstand. Capriles will be back to having volunteers let him stay with them and using bus caravans to get out the vote. He does not have the power to give away washing machines and other appliances. The chavistas do, and more. Nevermind that you can expect Maduro to run cadenas daily, for hours on end, to practice at being the next Chavez.

    • Cort vete pa’ vietnam para que veas lo que es un verdadero progreso en un país comunista. Porqué? Porque abandonaron el modelo jurásico ruso /cubano. Se acogieron al chino y el desarrollo de ese país va subiendo como la,espuma de una polarcita bien fría así que ya deja de fastidiar con tu ideología passé compossé y vete a un lugar real, existente, donde ho chi minh incluso ya está bien embalsamado, donde seas feliz y vivas la diferencia entre un comunismo bien eficiente y este utópico desastre venezolano. Ya están hasta cultivando cacao trinitario allá. Y en venezuela? Ni mantequilla se consigue. Asi que llevate tus cancioncitas de barbudo pa allá y vive feliz como una lombriz…

  6. Snooooozzzzzzze!!!!!

    You should change your handle to “Disco Rayao”

    Your boy Maduro will last all of about 13 months, tops.

  7. Capriles spoke very genuinely but it’s a tough hill to climb arguing about the constitutionality of Maduro’s “inauguration”. His point is that this is about him against Maduro and accomplices. I can’t help but think of Clint Eastwood.

    Capriles talks well and has incredibly clear issues to confront Maduro with: crime, shortages, economic uncertainty, failing institutions, sovereignty. Can he run on a non-judgmental, positive platform? “Vote for me, I’m a nice honest guy?” Does that mean he won’t be bringing up government missteps? He has to convince ~1 in 5 to change their minds for a safe electoral margin.

    • Again and again the throlls ‘show off’ position is that , “we are mighty, we have more voters on our side , we will bury you , our dear leader was superbly popular” , as if these discussions were political boxing matches or popularity contests and not an confrontation of reasons arguments and ideas on their own intellectual merits . This reveals a primitive mind , the mind of the bully for whom being stronger is the only thing that matters. This is dissapointing . The real issues have to do with the assesment of the Regimes performance as government , with what the final outcome for Venezuelans will be if their grand goal of absolute power is realized , and whether this will be a better or a worse place to live in if the regime’s policies are ultimately imposed on the country. Now bringing ‘in the corny sentimental outpourings of Ali Primera’s music is supposed to contribute to the dialectical value of the dialogue being advanced in these pages!! what a lot of crap!!

    • Capriles really has to come out fighting. His problem last go around is he was mostly non-confrontational. Yes he pointed out problems, but more in a school-president sort of way. “This problem must be resolved and they didn’t do it, so we got to do it.” Instead he needs to blame the chavistas for the problem directly. “This problem exists because of the corruption within chavismo.”

  8. El plebiscito de facto va

    [Henrique Capriles Radonski, rechazó hace minutos la sentencia [CLANDESTINA] emitida hoy por el Tribunal Supremo de Justicia que permite [anticonstitucional], a Nicolás Maduro ser nombrado Presidente Encargado con todas las atribuciones presidenciales y que pueda participar en las venideras próximas presidenciales sin separarse del cargo.

    Así son las Cosas ….


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