Necrophiliac? Moi?!


I know I’m just eating casquillo here, but I can’t get over the fact that chavismo pivoted from accusing us of necrophilia (for daring to ask after the president’s state of health) to this in less than a week.

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  1. God! I have to get caffeine and pick the language first…that we were always were wearing black, and talking about the homicides…y así

  2. Wow, this is very creepy, indeed. Bueno, y que se esperabar de este grupo de fanáticos? Viendo todo el circo que ha ocurrido esta semana, de verdad no me sorprende del todo. Pero, sí da asco…

  3. There is an old spanish saying ‘cada ladron juzga segun su condicion’ and Proust had a similar saying that more or less stated “every woman of loose morals judges other women to be of loose morals” . When someone accuses you of being a necrophiliac its because he himself is at least a proto necrophiliac , someone drawn to the dark macabre spectacle of death. Happened to Chavez all the time he was denouncing that there was a secret plot against his regime, basically because he himself was an inveterate lover of plots and saw things through the prism of his own warped mind. The accusation says more about the accuser than about the accused.

  4. On this same note, many of the people on camera had the bicha on the right hand, many had it on the left. Same with the risen fist, no consistency. Expect the ministry memo next week to have some pointers on this.

    Que peo!

    • Odd isn’t it, given they are both dead. It’s like referring to St.Peter as the founder of Christianity while considering Jesus as nothing more than an inspiration.

  5. Speaking of embalmed bodies on display….”Not surprisingly, this peculiar relic has given rise to numerous legends and anecdotes. One of the most commonly recounted is that the Auto-Icon regularly attends meetings of the College Council, and that it is solemnly wheeled into the Council Room to take its place among the present-day members. Its presence, it is claimed, is always recorded in the minutes with the words Jeremy Bentham – present but not voting. Another version of the story asserts that the Auto-Icon does vote, but only on occasions when the votes of the other Council members are equally split. In these cases the Auto-Icon invariably votes for the motion.”

    • Mr. House, thank you for the reminder of Bentham’s Last Ride. I remember hearing about this from a professor during an ethics class on utilitariansim and later saw it during a trip to England. I had long since forgotten about it, but now I look forward to relaying this to the wife and the future that is ahead (no pun intended) for the Commandante.

      I think Bentham had a great grasp of the ridiculous. I do not think anyone within Chavismo has anything of the sort, so I sadly don’t forsee the head being kidnapped and ransomed secuestra express style…though admittedly Caracas is the ideal place for such antics.

    • Or, for the desktop users to save a clicksmack from youtube.

      While I appreciate the humor, it does highlight the passing of his colorful personality on the world stage which did have its moments of amusement. At the same time, I actually feel kind of badly about this because even as it somewhat mocks his passing, it also makes no mention of the ongoing problems in Venezuela which his presidency set in train. (Aside from kidnappings.)

  6. Se lo dije a mi papa el otro día. No le doy mas de un mes para que salga en vtv alguien que se curo de cáncer porque le rezo a chávez en el féretro…

    También les aseguro que Maduro va a poner una urna de votación al lado del muerto y va a votar con una mano en el féretro. Cuanto mas bizarro mas posible en Venezuela

  7. Incidentally, I’m curious that while mentioning Lenin, Mao and Ho, no one has mentioned the numerous popes in their glass sarcophagi within St. Peter’s.

    When we went to Italy last summer, I told my wife while we were waiting at the Vatican to enter that there were a half-dozen or so dead popes that she’d see. After the sheer awesomeness of the Basilica di Santa Croce, she assumed I meant tombs, but became a little bit perturbed when I said that the bodies would be visible.

    I suspect it didn’t help that we’d been watching the Walking Dead the night before on my laptop.

    • The display of dead Popes is somewhat gross. Like they were going to come back to life.
      Rumors had the Pope’s embalmers traveling to Cuba. Chavez will have his chit eating grin on knowing that even dead he is still the leader in Vzla.

  8. That is fucking sick. Excuse my language. Totally wrong, fraudulent and sick. Hate to say it but looking at all those nearby, a well placed bomb at the tomb side during that speech would have cured a lot of ills.

    • well said Spanows !!!!! it is fucking sick , the whole thing , the chaburros the Mamaduros , todo , bring in some campeon and ger rid of these rats!!!!!

  9. Ugh. I actually watched it. At the end, Maduro says he appoints the vice President “in the name of God” (“en nombre de Dios”). #ChurchOfChavistology

  10. The use of the Chavez’s remains is not different from the use of relics of the saints by the Catholic Church, they are basically elevating their leader into another realm and is consistent with the evolution of the political movement into something else.

    • Mr Aveledo : thank you for your sharp comment, the cult of sacred cadavers and cadaver parts or ‘relics’ was widespread during medieval times because it gratified the primitive mind of the faithful to behold in fascination the body parts of saints and martyrs . I suspect this kind of primitive mind is still with us and prevails among the Chavez faithfull.
      A certain inclination towards religious fetichism is not unknown to Mr Maduro and his wife, remember their visit to the hindu holy man whose main claim to sainthood was his capacity to produce endless amounts of ash from his hands.

  11. While I would not want it for myself(embalmed), I also wonder about people who want to be buried in the ground encased in a box with a marker for display in a place where you did not hang out.

    For me the old Viking method works, on a wooden boat lined atop with wood, sent out to drift in sea and an arrow shot to light it. Going back to where we all started, the seas and to become food for the fishes.

    As for you necrophiliac fellow travelers, you done nothing but live that for awhile now on this blog.
    Justin Timerlake is a PUKE along with SNL for carrying water for US imperialism, it was tasteless, wrong, taken out of context and down right uncalled for.

    Even dead the smear campaign goes on, just goes to show how much they fear him.

    You all lose big time next election, eh…
    Rojo Rojito

    • Cort: Do let us know your opinion on the Napoleonic assumption and transfer of powers, outside the constitutional parameters, at your dead idol’s side.

      Another thing… Since Chávez continually poked the political eye of the United States, over the many years that he sought a scapegoat to hide behind his utter ineptness and chaotic governance, it’s only fair that a comedy troupe in those United States should take pot shots back. After all, they did so on the basis of a common denominator: Chávez the media hog with the outrageous claims and rabid attacks.

  12. Cort : I agree with you that the whole embalming thing is kind of silly , most people however feel repulsed and squeamish at the idea of a their body or that of their loved ones becoming rotting flesh and bug fodder . Maybe thats why many prefer their bodies to be cremated or burned to extinction , fire for the primitive mind is cleansing, There is however an old communist tradition to embalm the bodies of their Heroes to convert them into religious fetishes ( they did it with Lenin , Stalin , Mao, Ho Chi Min and now maybe they’ll do the same to poor Chavez dead body) , disgusting I think !, Once a man is dead he’s dead , his body once given a decent burial no longer matters , unless of course people have the bad taste of making an spectacle of it!! in which case it reveals a kind of macabre necophiliac taste . What really counts now is his memory and how he is judged by the many people whose lives he touched , for the worse of for the better !! 45% of Venezuelans judged him with justice , 55% of them with fanatical delusion , time will tell how history judges him once enough time passes .

  13. A few other observations:
    Arreaza refers to Maduro as ‘camarada Nicolás, presidente’ while firming up hegemonic ties with a mention of la Pacha Mama , and justifying his nomination on the basis of his Dad.

    “… nosotros haremos de nuestra Venezuela un país potencia, que nosotros haremos que el nuevo orden internacional sea justo, sea equilibrado, y que nosotros contribuiremos y daremos nuestro aporte para salvar la especie humana y la vida en el planeta, en la Pacha Mama. Ante mi padre, el comandante presidente Hugo Chávez , líder supremo de la revolución bolivariana y líder de la revolución en este momento histórico de la humanidad, lo juro.”

    Jaua: cara de soberbio. No se ve muy contento.

  14. Religious fetishes could also include being buried in the ground and I don’t own a car, I bike, walk or use mass transit most times and my carbon footprint is barely seen compared to most.

    While the caretaker would not be my choice and the grassroots should be the ones to decide, for now this is what we have and the election on April 14th will confirm it.

    As to the constitutionally of such, its seems there are many laws that cover these things( no Bonapartism involved and we have had such it in the US military wise and with the Adams, Rossevelt’s, Bush’s and now maybe the Clinton’s) and it is somewhat better than the US Constitution which is only worth the paper its written on (hemp) might as well smoke it, eh and at least y”all have an election when the president passes.

    Hate Stalin and Mao & Uncle Ho were a little better( both really Stalinists). Stalin body was removed 8 years after embalming and buried with no fanfare.

    At the Twenty-second Party Congress in October 1961, an old, devoted Bolshevik woman, Dora Abramovna Lazurkina stood up and said:
    My heart is always full of Lenin. Comrades, I could survive the most difficult moments only because I carried Lenin in my heart, and always consulted him on what to do. Yesterday I consulted him. He was standing there before me as if he were alive, and he said: “It is unpleasant to be next to Stalin, who did so much harm to the party.


    • Where should we put Communism, then, Dear Cort? Along all the other Cults of Unreason? Because in accepting this kind of crap, IT IS ONE OF THEM.

    • Cort: Liked a lot of what you replied , shows you to have some honest albeit odd or conflicting feelings about many things , others I couldnt quite understand . thanks also for Doras moving anecdote although I found her rendition of Lenin’s imagined comment a bit strange , he was bothered at laying next to a man who “did so much harm to the party” not beside a monster responsible for cruelly murdering and destroying the lives of millions of innocent people!! and then why did he have to wait 8 years before telling her of his discomfort?? maybe because Comrade Krushev hadnt yet let her know what Lenin’s phantom thought about the subject..

    • Dude the country you live in has the largest carbon footprint on the planet. I don’t care if you wash your clothes with your bicycle, you can consider your ideologically extreme fantasy world as being a small contribution to the continuation of that reality. It’s a huge indulgence man. As it is in Venezuela.

  15. We are not necrophiliacs, we pay due respect.

    Devaluation is great for the economy.

    We’ve always been in war with Eastasia

  16. Hey, I said that also! We got riled up by the same thing. Here:

    Also, from others at Panfleto Negro:

    In fact I move that we begin calling this the Necromancer (or Thanatocratic) Government of Venezuela (the Republica Bananera de Venezuela on Facebook has christened it thus, Era Tanatocratica

    The Medium Nicolas, Presiding. The Babalawo Arreaza, Vice-President, the Necropolitan Assembly President, Diosdado Cabello. The Sybil Luisa Estella presiding the Supreme Court of Diviners (they did not need to look at the deceased or to send anyone to actually look at him to conclude he was fit to rule, I guess they now decide sentences by looking into sheep’s entrails or by judicial astrology…)


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