Capriles Campaign Gearing Up for a Fight (Updated.)


Sources inside the Capriles camp confirm that the campaign team has been reconvened and is working on the understanding that Henrique Capriles will accept MUD’s nomination to run against Maduro.

We cannot confirm that Capriles himself has decided to run.

Update: Reuters confirms it – an hour after you read it here.

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  1. He’s expected to speak later today, no earlier than 6 p.m.

    Emiliana, are you now part of the CC team? If that’s the case, welcome aboard.

  2. Pardon my ignorance but I have 2 questions:
    1. If he runs, he leaves an “encargado” running Miranda correct?
    2. If he looses can he return to being Governor?

    I forgot how the whole thing went down during the primarias/elections….It is too much to keep up!

  3. I heard that Borges said he will run and he´s just preparing his speech. However, that he works on this things with a lot of secrecy just like when he was picking his gabinete for last election, that pretty much no one was kept in the loop.

  4. Venezuela’s a young country, while the dinosaurs fight
    yesterday’s battle, the young venezuelans whether
    single or not will enjoy a new lease on life. The verbiage
    we, the older ones, had to calar, will be laughed off
    by this new younger majority, that see us as irrelevant.
    The young have always despised the fuddy-duddies [those
    in their thirties and older], and the young ones is what
    venezuela is all about.
    That’s why Capriles will forge ahead in time –
    he’s the least decrepit of the older generation.

  5. Capriles will run. Capriles will lose. But it will be fun to watch it all over again. Hopefully the assassination attempts will be minimal and the opposition rallies will be bloodless.

    • on that note, tremendo exito the prosecution of the guys who killed two people at an opposition rally in Barinitas last year. Not.


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