Hear Quico Speak Italian (badly) On Rome's Eco Radio – Just Ended

This should be interesting
This should be interesting

Allora ragazzi, se siete a Roma mi potete sentire su 88.3 FM, o sentire sul online streaming qua. Starò insieme a una bravissima giornalista italiana, Clarissa Maracci. Sarà la prima volta che tento di parlare in italiano sulle nostre pazzie nazionale.

Mamma mia che nervi!

Update: Just finished – that was great fun!

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  1. ahahaha…I can ensure you that Francisco is just repeating, in a perfectly spoken italian all the arguments he has presented in this blog.
    Now he is speaking about the Maduro campaign and how he use and abuse the image of Chavez for this purpose.
    He’s saying that Maduro has not the authority, charisma Chavez had to maintain the grip.

        • Thnks Gustavo! I was away from the computer.

          Francisco you did it wonderfully! What a great coincidence I could follow the talk (I admit however that I never heard about EcoRadio existence before!)..First time some italian broadcast interviews a Venezuelan regarding Venezuela..
          Anyways, luckily the press in Italy has presented Chavez and Maduro with fierce criticism.

          Im guessing if some other surprise are waiting ’round the corner..a french or german interview maybe?

          • Grazie milla, D. Io ho visuto a Bologna per un anno nel 2005-2006, ma l’italiano l’ho imparato sulla piazza, non nell’aula dunque mi preoccupava assai fare una intervista formale. Neanch’io lo sapevo esisteva Eco Radio, pero mi è piaciuto tanto questo host. Fa troppo piacere sapere che comunque ce ne ho dei lettori in Italia!

          • Che coincidenza, io vivo e studio a Bologna da ormai 4 anni.
            De todos modos soy Italo-Venezolano.
            Desde Italia sigo el blog y le hago publicidad tambien!

  2. Quico El,profe ciccarelli whatever con el que te entrevistaron el otro día… No pude seguir oyendo sus argumentos de que nuestra asfixia mediática se justificaba en nombre de “rebuild vzlan society.” casi me da un infarto y le escribí! sus argumentos dan pena ajena. a pesar de que dijiste que había sido la,mejor entrevista… Será que lemdebomoir de nuevo?m Voy a oir esta a ver…

    • You’re way too harsh. He’s the brightest, most honest and least sock-puppety chavista I’ve ever been up against. Listen to his answer on the 2002 coup. I almost did a spit-take…a radio interviewer asked about April 11th and a chavista answered something REAL. It was remarkable.

    • My wife is convinced that the Milanese/Bolognese “aperitivo” – that whole stiff-drink-and-nibbles/not-quite-but-almost-a-meal thing – is an eminently exportable cultural product. We really miss it. There’s no such thing in Canada. #BusinessIdea

        • Ooooh, I’ve never been to Madrid. How does that work?

          The aperitivo is like from 5 to 7 p.m. – you buy one drink – usually a stiff cocktail, like a Negroni, but wine or beer if you prefer – and then snack on nibbles from a buffet. It’s not really a meal, but it’s a lovely social occasion since it’s well suited to do it standing among many people in a kind of party atmosphere.

          I think it’s really a Milan thing, but in Bologna in 2005 it was really popular. Most bars did an aperitivo at that time.

          • Well I couldn’t say it better Francisco, but I have to precise that it was invented in Torino as far as I know.
            They still continue to do it in Bologna, it’s still very popular you end up drinking in the middle of the street though. By the way I’ve been to the bar in Via Oberdan, the one cross the San Martino Plate?. Man if it wasn’t for the paper I have to discuss tomorrow!
            I’ve been to Madrid, I only went to El Museo del Jamón..1 euro for a Beer 1 Euro for a “Bocadillo”

          • You go exactly at the same hour, usually it’s beer, or una clara ( half beer, half seven-up) or wine and the tapas are free O.o everybody talks has a great time… And inagree with yournwife it’s a meal unto itself. But then… Madrileños have a late dinner tipo 10pm :p

          • Well in Spain in general, and in the Basque country mmmm you would ask for pinxos (tapas) with (xacolí) deliciously crisp white wine…. in particular you can eat/ drink anything. Although my youngest daughter who lives in Madrid tells me that with the crisis no more free tapas…

  3. Ok… i’ll give it a go, and hear his answer on the coup. I’ll send you the emails so you can judge for yourself. I’m really sick of hearing these gringo academic desk socialists patronizing us for situations that they would never accept for the US,
    can you imagine obama closing fox news and all their tea party offshots and answering the press corps oh well i am cleaning up the media ( izarrita dixit) because we are rebuilding our society! Or bush closing the liberal press? The cloud of fallout smoke would be higher than the atom bomb.
    most likely their desks are situated in a place with relative security, food in the fridge, power 24/7. Not like geha’s who is intermittent at best. So i wonder why oh why he isn’t walking his talk all the way and live somewhere in caracas, teach at the chavista unis, and spends part of his time looking for chicken or coffee, or toilet paper, like emi’s looking for butter for her cake? He compared the insecurity in caracas to philadelphia’s where he lives. O.o i’d like to investigate what the kidnapping crime rate in philly is like these days.
    I bet he wears a che t shirt while sipping a soy latte in starbucks >:(
    I certainly admire your sang froid. I would have choked on air. Triple choke i guess I’m still choking on my late breakfast 😉

    • Listen, some people genuinely don’t believe in liberal democracy. That’s their prerogative. It doesn’t bother me. I’ll fight them, but as adversaries, not enemies.

      What pisses me off is dissimulation, lying, and the bullshit tsunami you get from people who rent out their consciences to the government and parrot its propaganda lies all day and all night.

      George Ciccarielo-Maher does NOT do that. And I celebrate that.

      • The thing is that these guys usually apply a double standard , they are liberal democrats as far as their country is concerned and the apologists of crass despotism when its about some ‘romantic revolutionary situation’ some country far away . and yet I can appreciate a guy who holding on to loathsome positions is half decent in arguing part of his case.!!

        • Exactly bill…i find it unnerving that this professor justifies the closing all all the democratic spaces in our media and brushes them off as a justified means of rebuilding society, while he is in philadelphia in the good ole US of A for goodness sakes! If he was in las adjuntas and teaching in the UNA i would respect his point of view maybe more, allthough i wouldn’t agree ever to lose our freedon of speech and expression in the name of anything or any society. It’s our given right. When einstein left germany he did so because he couldn’t live in a society where he couldn’t express himself freely, and he chose to live and teach in Princeton. So that’s my point walk your talk and don’t justify for others what you wouldn’ want for your own country. That’s my motto.

      • I understand your point of view, and agree with you about the gvnment bullshitters. but… I insist then, why does he live in a liberal democracy, and patronizes us from it, if he upholds the chavista gvmnt particularly about”cleaning up” the media?? I personally find it hippocritical. His arguments were basically tha same arguments any chavista uses… He looked me up in FB and asked me why I travelled frequently to miami ( my daughter lives in Ft. Lauderdale wth my 2 gkids) and why did i have an ipad? What? It’s not about me. I’m not the one patronizing gringos about their government, or media policies from a hamaca in Caracas. But… To each his own. As in beauty, i guess intelligence, and objectivity are in the eye the beholder.

  4. …Preparing yourself for the coveted post of Santa Sede Ambassador? 🙂

    A tiny correction Quico, “pazzie” is plural, so you should use the adjective in plural as well…

  5. Un pecato, non posso ascoltare. E divertente ma quando sono andato a Bologna mi ricordo una cita piena di studenti communisti.

    Non voglio essere pesante ma L’Italia e anche un casino. Siamo parlando sul una nazione che non ho povuto schelgere il suo Primo Ministro! Quello non succede in nesun altro paese!

  6. Giordani graduated from Università di Bologna…

    I agree Alex, if there is a country that can compete with Venezuela in matters of bizarre non-government, that is Italy.


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