When the inalienable is unviable


“We are unviable economically because our earnings no longer cover our costs. We can’t even raise [employee] salaries enough to compensate for inflation and devaluation. We are unviable politically because because we are in a country that is totally polarized, and on the opposite side of a government that wants to see us fail. And we are unviable in the legal sense, because our broadcasting license is ending soon, and there is no will to renew it.”

Guillermo Zuloaga, head of the last remaining critical TV station in Venezuela, explaining how he was hounded into selling Globovision to a government crony

There’s something irredeemably fucked up about a country where your ability to broadcast is directly dependent on your ability to stay off the government’s shit list. And that’s true here, in Cochin-China and in Timbuktu, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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