Educación Religiosa

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    • I gotta say, though, the girl is pretty eloquent. I can tell she’s learned all those phrases by hearing them from someone else, but still.

      • Everyone gets their panties in a bundle when someone says something that comes off as slightly classist/elitist, but gocho-hating is socially acceptable it seems…

        • Once I called some chavistas boliperros in this blog and the outrage was such that I almost apologized…
          But you may take it as is: pure love 🙂 Gochos are a bit close to Colombia, so I wouldn’t call it gocho-hating but instead anticolombian humour…

          • The irony is that Venezuela is in such bad shape right now that even the me-iría-demasiado kids are moving from el este del este de Caracas to Colombia…

          • you betcha, that’s been going on for a long time. It is a little bit of poetic justice for Colombian immigrants like me… We were shunned for years but… -quien pide cacao ahora?-

          • Well, I don’t think you are one of those cachacos from Santa Marta that kill everyone’s peace with your thunderous ballenato in Petare. I don’t think the same happens with Venezuelans in Bogotá. Compara pero no ofendas…

      • Agree, what happened with that of not using children for political purposes?
        I don’t even want to get into the indoctrination part of all this. What the heck that girl REALLY knows about neoliberalism?

      • I lived in San Cristóbal and I never learned the difference between their accent and the accent on the other side. Some people sound just the same.

    • For those who think we should hold off on seriously campaigning until future elections where we might have a better chance … just think that every year more and more brainwashed young kids graduate from public schools having only learned one view of the world. The Bolivarian view. Meanwhile, many who graduate from private schools start to look for ways to go study and live abroad as soon as possible.

      • It’s worth noting that those private school kids often also come out with only one learned view of the world as well. I can see there’s a difference, but how much worse is Chavez indoctrination than San Ignacio indoctrination? Merici? Cumbres? That Opus Dei one whose name I forget?

        • In an “apolitical” capitalist society with no visible polarization, propaganda is the overwhelming force that you don’t recognise as propaganda. It’s in the curriculum, the television, the press, the institutions, the workplace, and every little corner and niche.

          The “dictar” method of teaching, aside from instilling obedience to authority, uniformity of behaviour, and an aversion to autonomy in learning, actually disencourages critical thinking, especially about society, economy and the structures that we supposedly can’t change, because they are natural things.

          This child seems to understand the meaning of liberational education, which aims to achieve the opposite of all the above.

          • Gee Yoyo, if you have/had any kids, would you like them educated like this?

            Sorry, but I want my kids to think for themselves while respectfully considering input from others. And that “liberational education” you mention is just reeks of total nonsense!

            The clip above is just brainwashing of the most disgusting variety..

          • Of course, if you can’t think outside of the matrix/cave, then any tool to escape it sounds ridiculous.

          • Yoyo : All cultures have an ornamental fachade of teachings that show off their most prestigious beliefs and a praxis that just reflects plain good old human nature , some times the ornamental beliefs just serve to spruce up the looks of some plain or even ugly passions . The ease and speed with which Communism many pretentious posturings crumbled after the fall of the berlin wall goes to show how superficial many of these teachings are , even after decades upon decades of indoctration if they dont match with basic human instincts : Plato had it right that the success of a system of philosophy should be measured not by how well people lived under it but in its capacity to change people for the better , but this is boloney , Do you really think the average cuban is a better person than the average Venezuelan because of the indoctrination , havent you heard of the world famous ‘jineteras’ . There used to be lots of them in Batistas day , so dont fall for old superstitions !!

          • “obedience to authority, uniformity of behaviour, and an aversion to autonomy in learning, actually disencourages critical thinking, especially about society, economy and the structures that we supposedly can’t change, because they are natural things”

            Yes, that is why there are no innovators or creative minds coming out capitalistic societies, no new inventions that change our lives, new business ideas, improvements in medicine, new technologies, etc.

          • Even if inventing technology and medicine was more important than improving the structure of society, the innovators in capitalist society are only a very small minority.

            Most are condemned to ignorance.

          • But there are innovators, tell me about gringos inventing things, the other big group are the Asian (who along the Germans teach their children something call discipline)… described by you as “The “dictar” method of teaching, aside from instilling obedience to authority, uniformity of behaviour, and an aversion to autonomy in learning,”…. pfff…. I want to know what Chavista is not a sheep that follows, without discipline and education, where are the cardinal thinkers in the Chavismo? Where are those autonomous voices setting new avenues? For the love of God, Chavistas are not only sheep, they are the most uneducated of all.

          • Yoyo: Innovators are a minority in any society , and most people in any society ( of whatever ideological hue) make mediochre use of their minds and occupy them only in the pursuit of the most banal of interests . For some reason most technical and scientific innovation is to be found in Developed Market Economy countries. Socialist countries lagging far behind . The record in Communist countries for their treatment of critical thinking (for any thinking outside the narrow brackets of their ortodoxies) is dismal at best . Cuban Critics of the Official Ideology find themselves persecuted , silenced , imprisoned or exiled , Venezuela is playing catch up ( vide the cornering of Globovision) with Cuba . The regime plays up the performance of parrots , learned cliches substituting for thoughts

          • In the “apolitical” society, the polarization is more subtle in that it isn’t the brainchild or synthesising ability of one person, or one clearly defined group. Rather, it is made up a wider, less immediately available collection of traditions and prejudices whose perpetrators have already been forgotten. It’s harder to fight, but at least it’s more of a collective mindfuck. I don’t know, both options seem terrible to me.

          • Quee??? There is also indoctrination in US, and it doesn’t cancel this one, you understand that? This gochita, because of her age and also because of what she said, you can tell she has no critical thinking. Isn’t that obvious to you, or you are part of the Chavista sheep bandwagon as well? Carlos Andrés must be revolting on his grave after hearing this gochita. All those good things Venezolanos de ayer worked for, not the bad things, the good things that make us proud to be Venezuelan, from fighting the Cubans for our democracy to prevent the Colombian drug lords to invade our terriroty, all those fights, all those years are lost. This is so terribly sad. Venezuela is driving back warp speed.

          • Jesus, go regurgitate Herbert Marcuse somewhere else. It’s amazing how some people continue to spout the same old nonsense about propaganda and the terror of the everyday fifty years after it stopped being cool.

        • It may be true. But state-funded indoctrination is to be feared a lot more than private. Parents who can afford it can select what type of education they want for their kids. Parents who can’t (a majority in Venezuela) are left with only one choice: Bolivarianism

  1. it won’t work, children will turn teenagers, they will see the movies, and wonder why they live in a screwed up country / brainwashing didn’t work in the soviet union did it? (except for the oddballs in the class)…

  2. All kids are exhuberant and enthusiastic in displaying those beliefs they are taught , then they become teen agers or youg people and they either become indifferent to what they formerly enthused about or scornful of what they so credulous believed when they were younger , they kind of take pride in not being childish or silly inmmature any more and go the opposite way. then there are your really blue nosed martinet pretentious sticklers for their youthful beliefs , these in Venezuela are almost universally laughed at , we hate pretentiousness in people who are like us .
    Seen the whole process repeat itself in religious schools !!

    • Jesus love me, this I know
      For the Bible tells me so
      Little Ones to him belong
      We are weak, but he is strong

      yes, Jesus love me
      yes, Jesus loves me
      yes, Jesus loves me
      For the Bible tells me so

      Automatic thinking

  3. Wow, that girl is gonna run for president. She has her lines pat down! You go girl! But seriously, to reiterate, seems we’re f#&#&¤! On the other hand, let’s see how long those laptops last.

  4. She really is convinced that Chavez gave her the computer. Since when does Venezuela’s oil income belong to Chavez?!

  5. Don’t worry, watch the video again and see her friends smiling and laughing behind her, they are probably sick of all her shit too. Note how after she starts they don’t speak to any other. That kid has been TRAINED by her Chavista parents who no doubt are bot suckling at the government’s teat. She says she wants to be a Professor, she already has the credentials.

    That’s what happens when you get the Marxist teacher brother of Chavez as education minister and teach children about Castro…“the formation of the new man”.

    “That phrase was coined by Ernesto “Che” Guevara in the early years of the Cuban revolution. His “new man” would be motivated by moral rather than material incentives. Cuba’s communist government has pursued this chimera in vain for decades. Now its Venezuelan ally is embarking on the quest. “The old values of individualism, capitalism and egoism must be demolished,” says the president. “New values must be created, and that can only be done through education.””

    From an oldie but goodie:

    • That’s because people are not born with hatred, they are taught to hate… a very good Jewish friend told me that once…

      • People are not born with hatred, because hatred is not a primary emotion .Anger is.

        Anger plus thought breeds can create hatred, but this requires more sophistication than what a baby can muster.

    • hatred as racism has to be taught, I have seen this indoctrination before first hand, the good news is that it does not last, as soon as the conditions that created this vanish it starts decomposing. Most kids recover, but not all.

    • People enjoy their righteous rages and indignations , makes them feel strong , mighty , thrilled , energized , morally superior, snobishly proud of themselves. This was one of Chavez most effective charismatic tools , create an enemy (el imperio , los escualidos capitalistas vendepatrias) , attribute to that enemy the worst and most loathful of qualities , entice people to share his passionate hatred of them , in his scortching scorn for them , creating a proud bond of hatred between himself and his followers. mediochre primitive minds fall easily for this.

  6. “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself…. Aloud” ~ Gabrielle Coco Chanel

    these kids are receiving brownie points …..

  7. Off-topic, follow-up to an earlier post:

    Honorable mention to Fox News (words I never thought I’d write…):

    “More than anything, the government continues fighting with everyone, and does everything badly,” said Francisco Olivero, a 54-year-old carpenter who lives with his wife and five children in the poor neighborhood of Catia, just blocks from the funeral route.

    Read more:

    • Thumbs down to Fox News as they said the following in the same article, “This tense, relentlessly gray capital embodies many of Venezuela’s problems, with crumbling apartment towers…” I am not sure if I would paint Caracas as being “relentlessly gray”.

  8. He, our Dead Beloved Leader, gave US everything! He, the Heart of our Country. Which we oppos disrespect and disregard daily (never mind that He never showed us respect, not even when we showed even deference).

    May His Corpse be With Us, Always.

    Now what’s that poppycock that he gave His life for them?

    And this “caletre” goes to show what, exactly? There might be a few who grow up to believe that and become real head cases. But the rest shall hate it with a passion and be ready to reject it as soon as repression ceases. Let us only hope that the former think and let go peacefully.

  9. Bestiaaa, this is the next Jiang Qing.

    For those who don’t know who Qing was, she was Mao’s last wife and led the Chinese CUltural Revolution.

  10. It is so sad that this is happening to my country. But reading through the comments I got some hope back knowing that many have outgrown the indoctrination of ideals and morals clothed to make discrimination and intolerance fashionable and to keep the people ignorant and anesthetized. Things will get better… I have to hope. Hay Un Camino!


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