The rare political argument ended by a single knock-out punch

knockout-muhammad-aliWhen you think about it, it’s rare to see a true knock-out moment in a political debate, a single statement that just ends a conversation decisively.

In last night’s hangout, Juan Cristobal landed one such punch squarely on yours-truly’s jaw. We were talking about chavista Get Out The Vote machine for April 14th. Watch me set out a whole long-winded pile of crap only to be totally demolished in 12 words at the end of the clip.

Watching it now – and pardon if I mix my sporting metaphors – I feel sort of like an England fan in 1986  watching Maradona run past their entire midfield and defense to score that famous goal – yes, it’s awful that it happened at my expense but man, that was a thing of beauty. 

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