David Frum thinks our book is essential, so go buy it!

David FrumAn exceedingly generous review of our book, by The Daily Beast’s David Frum. The money quote:

If [the authors’] telling is correct, whatever else Chavismo is, it’s not sustainable beyond the lifespan of Chavez himself. Without Chavez’s demagogic gift for distracting Venezuelans with his passions, his rages, and his buffooneries, the enduring reality of the petrostate will reappear – and reappear more hateful than ever, since its benefits are more concentrated than ever. When oil prices decline again, as they always do, Venezuela will be back where it was in 1998, only this time, with even less to show for it.

When that termination does occur, Caracas Chronicles the blog will be the essential guide; Caracas Chronicles, the book, the essential history of what went wrong.

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