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After last week’s explosive leak of Maduro’s secret strategy memo, we now come across another scandalous bit of inside information from the Comando Hugo Chávez camp: the campaign metrics they’re using to base tactical decisions.

You saw it here first. You’re welcome.

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  1. and just in case anyone’s wondering, here’s the “Gran cierre de campaña strategy”… Mega actos y mini documentales en cadena nacional en conmemoración al 11, 12 y 13A 2002, donde claramente saldrá la cara de Capriles varias veces. #NoVolverán

  2. See, now if Capriles could be completely honest and advocate his principal campaign promise it would be Capitalismo x1.000

    Unfortunately he has to completely avoid talking about his favourite thing.

    • What’s the difference between capitalism and communism?
      In capitalism man exploits man. In communism it’s vice versa.

      What is the definition of socialism?
      The long, hard road between capitalism and capitalism.

    • His campaign promise would be social-democratic. The successful cousin of Socialism, if you will. However you might like it, there’s never been a serious “capitalist” movement or serious candidate for the Presidency of Venezuela in living memory, probably.

      Keep this crappy propaganda points you spout for simpletons.

  3. Amazing, Maduro mentions Chávez an average of 217 times per day. And supposedly we are the ones that don’t let him rest in peace.

  4. My 84 year old mother-in-law loved Chávez and says his name over and over. Is she as qualified as Maduro?

    In all fairness, Chávez bought her a new car (she cannot drive!), pays for her apartment, takes special care of her on election day. Moreover, she repeats other things all day also. She has not totally lost it but, bless her heart, she knows what words get results.


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