Bring Caracas Chronicles Home With You

Available right now from
Available right now from

Caracas Chronicles is more than just a blog – it’s a unique community where people from all kinds of backgrounds can come together to engage the issues of Venezuelan public life with rigor, intensity, intelligence…and a sense of humor, too.

If you’re one of those people who’ve felt this blog wiggle its way into the life of your mind, why not take this chance to, literally, bring it home?

The Blogging the Revolution paperback puts a bit of physical heft into the Caracas Chronicles experience. There’s just something about paper, you know? At $34.49 from Amazon, it’s your chance to give something back to the unique community we’ve somehow managed to create here, ensuring its viability into the future.

Blogging the Revolution collects all the best from 10 years’ of our archives, bringing together posts that have stood the test of time to provide a complete portrait of the Chávez era from a critical, analytic perspective. It makes a great gift for that one person in your life who can’t read Spanish and keeps asking you questions about Venezuela – hey, we’ve all got one!

So, if you haven’t so far, take 3 minutes to order one here.