Bring Caracas Chronicles Home With You

Available right now from
Available right now from

Caracas Chronicles is more than just a blog – it’s a unique community where people from all kinds of backgrounds can come together to engage the issues of Venezuelan public life with rigor, intensity, intelligence…and a sense of humor, too.

If you’re one of those people who’ve felt this blog wiggle its way into the life of your mind, why not take this chance to, literally, bring it home?

The Blogging the Revolution paperback puts a bit of physical heft into the Caracas Chronicles experience. There’s just something about paper, you know? At $34.49 from Amazon, it’s your chance to give something back to the unique community we’ve somehow managed to create here, ensuring its viability into the future.

Blogging the Revolution collects all the best from 10 years’ of our archives, bringing together posts that have stood the test of time to provide a complete portrait of the Chávez era from a critical, analytic perspective. It makes a great gift for that one person in your life who can’t read Spanish and keeps asking you questions about Venezuela – hey, we’ve all got one!

So, if you haven’t so far, take 3 minutes to order one here.

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    • Yup!

      Just for the sake of transparency, the idea we had all along is that there are two separate audiences for the book: a core audience that’s been reading the blog for years and has some kind of attachment to it, and then a more general audience out there with an interest in the Chávez era but not necessarily an interest in the blog as such. We’re guessing core readers would really like to have a physical token, something more than electrons, to show their attachment to CaracasChronicles and to browse nostalgically. And we think y’all probably won’t mind paying a bit more to support the community you’re part of.

      The e-book is priced with that broader audience in mind: people who don’t have a particular reason to want to “bring Caracas Chronicles home” and probably don’t want to pay $35 bucks for a book.

      That’s the thinking, anyway!

  1. I am definitely buying one! And a second one for a dopey, “revolutionary” friend! ! But can we allocate the $35.00 between the blog proprietors to penalize anyone who complains about winter in Montreal (which is admittedly bracing!) ?

  2. Listo. Gracias a la velocidad de los couriers venezolanos, esperaré a que me llegue como en agosto. Les debo el review en Amazon, pero ando full.

  3. Buying one now! De verdad muchas gracias por hacer tan buen trabajo y por dedicarse tanto a analizar y hablar de temas que son importantísimos. Muy bien hecho!

  4. I don’t buy real books anymore, space in NY is too expensive to use it with books I probably will not read again. But I am making an exception with this one because I don’t know how I would have adapted to my life outside Venezuela without this community, To feel connected to what is going in my country and share ideas that hopefully one day we will see implemented has meant the world to me. So I just got one to keep at home.

    I am already half way on the e-book and loving it, some posts I had not read since they were written before I became a regular and others I am re-reading and remembering so well the comments and discussions that followed. The book re-confirms that the comment section in this blog is just amazing. I learn so much from the commenters and laugh at the bickering that goes on sometimes among regulars. I am glad to contribute and thank the team for all the effort they put into it.

    • I learn so much from the commenters and laugh at the bickering that goes on sometimes among regulars.

      and to think we do it for free…. I’d say we are among the biggest consumption motivators of this blog>e-book>paper book.

    • Moraima,

      I think the comment section has potential, but as it stands now is virtually making the blog look much less serious than it should.The subject of what is going on in Venezuela, when taken lightly, greatly harms the opposition’s image in the exterior.

      As for the bickering , it is even worse than the ‘ jokes’ – the boring , and repetitive arguments with PSFs make Venezuelans look deserving of Chavez.

      Sorry to disagree, but in a hypothetical world of free speech, we should be able to disagree with insulting, correct?

      • sorry meant to say disagree WITHOUT insulting….there is way to much insulting on this blog, and not enough disagreements.There are NEVER any good reasons for insults.

  5. I didn’t discover your blog until recently so I am going to buy it because I want to read the old posts and hate clicking and dragging all the time. For 35 bucks hope you didn’t use cheap ink and selected a decent font type and size. I could continue my sarcastic rant but will summarize by saying I’ve enjoyed your posts and encountering this eclectic mix of people including Cort the blog jester. As Cort himself worded it it’s been a cathartic experience, particularly during these last few months. For those who’ve followed the blog and events in Venezuela religiously I imagine this must have been quite a trip.

  6. I purchased it 2 weeks ago, good read and even the earlier posts from Quico are still relevant to understand the current situation

  7. Hey guys, I’ve been reading the blog for years and even though I’m very willing to spend those extra bucks in the paperback edition the cost to send it to Caracas is outrageous… Will you try to sell the book in Venezuela, or maybe bring some copies in your next trip? Thank you guys.

    • That’s a great idea. Hold a promo tour, at the very least in Ccs and Maracaibo, before April 14th and of course, stay on to vote. #HintQuicoJuan

  8. I ordered a copy and I will use it for toilet paper, the only thing all the posts on this blog are fit for! Dos pájaros de un tiro, since it is also it is hard to find toilet paper these days.

    I bleed red (as long as I am in an oxygenated environment).

    • Don’t you find toilet paper?. Does it mean that you are finally living in Chavez’s Venezuela?. If so, congratulations for at least putting your feet where your mouth is!.

      Also, if you happen to find meat, chicken or flour, pretty please tell us!.

      [Te trolearon rico, Dago! -ed]


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