Caracas Chronicles, The Book

Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBookstore…you name it. Hell, you can even get it on dead tree!

It’s a project long in the making. Blogging the Revolution: Caracas Chronicles and the Hugo Chávez Era brings together the best of our work from the last ten years: 150 posts that stand the test of time. With a new foreword by comment section stalwart, Professor Guillermo Tell Aveledo, the book is a romp through the twists and turns of an incomparably eventful decade.

Published by Cognitio BooksJuan Cristobal – with a special assist from Gustavo Hernández Acevedo – embarked on a gruelling, months-long immersion into our monster, 6,000+ post archive to edit the book. It is organized by themes, bringing together posts that, although at times written years apart, build on one another as they illuminate a given topic. With chapters on the crisis of 2002-2004, on our battered public sphere, on daily life and on the vicissitudes of the chavista economy, the book brings together most of what you need for a sophisticated, nuanced understanding of Venezuela in the Chávez era.

Blogging the Revolution is available both as a paperback and an e-Book. We bet a lot of you who’ve been reading the blog loyally for years would love a chance to bring a bit of Caracas Chronicles home: something you can put on your coffee table and show the world. And we bet you’d like to contribute to helping keep the Caracas Chronicles community going into the future. If that sounds like you, you should get the paperback: 374 pages for $34.49. We realize that’s a bit pricey, but then, this is your chance to give something back for all the years of blood, sweat and tears that have gone into this blog!

If CADIVI is making your life difficult or if you’re a e-Book type of person, you can go for the electronic version (available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and from the iBookstore) which is out with a precio solidario at just under $10 bucks. (Needless to say, we’d much rather you got the paperback!)

And hey, as long as you’re buying one for yourself, why not buy a second one as a gift for that one person in your life who keeps asking you about Venezuela? Or take a minute to talk about it with your friends? And, especially, if you do get one, please take the time to write a review on the site where you get it…every review helps!

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