Caracas Chronicles, The Book

Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBookstore…you name it. Hell, you can even get it on dead tree!

It’s a project long in the making. Blogging the Revolution: Caracas Chronicles and the Hugo Chávez Era brings together the best of our work from the last ten years: 150 posts that stand the test of time. With a new foreword by comment section stalwart, Professor Guillermo Tell Aveledo, the book is a romp through the twists and turns of an incomparably eventful decade.

Published by Cognitio BooksJuan Cristobal – with a special assist from Gustavo Hernández Acevedo – embarked on a gruelling, months-long immersion into our monster, 6,000+ post archive to edit the book. It is organized by themes, bringing together posts that, although at times written years apart, build on one another as they illuminate a given topic. With chapters on the crisis of 2002-2004, on our battered public sphere, on daily life and on the vicissitudes of the chavista economy, the book brings together most of what you need for a sophisticated, nuanced understanding of Venezuela in the Chávez era.

Blogging the Revolution is available both as a paperback and an e-Book. We bet a lot of you who’ve been reading the blog loyally for years would love a chance to bring a bit of Caracas Chronicles home: something you can put on your coffee table and show the world. And we bet you’d like to contribute to helping keep the Caracas Chronicles community going into the future. If that sounds like you, you should get the paperback: 374 pages for $34.49. We realize that’s a bit pricey, but then, this is your chance to give something back for all the years of blood, sweat and tears that have gone into this blog!

If CADIVI is making your life difficult or if you’re a e-Book type of person, you can go for the electronic version (available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and from the iBookstore) which is out with a precio solidario at just under $10 bucks. (Needless to say, we’d much rather you got the paperback!)

And hey, as long as you’re buying one for yourself, why not buy a second one as a gift for that one person in your life who keeps asking you about Venezuela? Or take a minute to talk about it with your friends? And, especially, if you do get one, please take the time to write a review on the site where you get it…every review helps!

Caracas Chronicles is 100% reader-supported. Support independent Venezuelan journalism by making a donation.


  1. oh man, I can’t say this comes as a surprise, but it’s still AWESOME to hear. You guys, from a tiny corner of the internet universe have done an amazing job compiling these last 10 crazy years. Only academics like yourselves could have pulled this off with no financial support from either private or public institutions. You did it for amor al arte , como quien dice.

    I would gladly pay for your book and like 3 more I want to give out as gifts. I hope that, someday in a post-chavez era, you guys actually become involved with public policy. Once upon a time we had the IESA boys, now we need da chronicle kidz.

    This is such a milestone; okay, I will shut up now

  2. Thanks for your contribution, I haven’t read your book, but it sounds like an interesting piece, I think you guys might have one of the pieces that can actually shed some lights about what happened in Venezuela to the future generations of Venezuelans, and why not, people abroad too, hopefully people will learn from this.


  3. I second the signature drive request. I will buy at least one copy and would much appreciate to know next time all authors are in Caracas simultaneously and a sign drive is organized…, so I can ask someone (*)to bring in a copy to get it signed!

    Sad to say but this someone is harder to find every year. More family members and friends continue to “uir por la izquierda” as time passes.

    Please accept my congratulations and respect,

  4. From the Cognitio website “A portion from the sales of this title is donated to our planet.” Alguien como que estuvo leyendo el plan de gobierno de Chavez 2012.

    Fuera de broma, muchas felicidades. Si antes era promotor del blog, ahora hare lo mismo con el libro.

  5. I got it, sorry on my kindle as having paperback books in a NYC apartment is a luxury I can’t afford! But I will do my part by sharing in Facebook and reviewing when I am done. I loved the foreword by GTAvex, and I am enjoying reading posts written before I became a regular here and re-reading some of the most recent ones.
    Congrats guys!

    • You wouldnt by any chance be Capriles’s neighbor in his $158 million dollar apartment or whatever amount Jaua made up, would you?

    • exact words that came to my mind … from where do they get the time, patience, love, passion …. money!!! …. you guys are awesome

  6. So when do we all get drunk to celebrate the bautizo??? Can we do a skype celebration and drink from our respective corners of the world? Congratulations, you guys should be super proud!! You can now add “published authors” to your list of accolades (like desestabilizadores and pitiyankis and such…) really, this is fantastic, I´m so happy to have stumbled onto this excellent blog and such a smart, interesting, exciting community of excellent people. Thank you so much for what you do!!

  7. OK, I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade here, but…”the book is a rump through the twists and turns” is just wrong. The word you’re looking for is romp!

    • Jaja, well maybe it’s a rump!

      Thanks, I fixed it. Now I’m getting grammar tips from a cat, how many of these have I had?

      • Jaja, yes, you are! Well, I mean, there’s a lot of difference between a rump and a romp, don’t you agree? Just saying…but, good on you for taking it so well!

          • I just wrote a review for Amazon, even thought I did explain that I hadn’t read the book yet. I’m going to order the Kindle version (sorry), because I have too many “real” books at home. I reviewed the book based upon my readings of your blog, which I find fascinating, informative, humorous, not to mention factual and realistic. Great job, y’all! Oh, and JC, I’ll keep you posted on the “errors” (of which I’m sure there aren’t many at all)!

  8. I should have said this before either of my earlier comments: congratulations to ALL of you! It’s an honor and a privilege to be a part of the “conversations” that you guys start in which you get others to participate. I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon this site a few years ago, but I’m glad I did. Felicidades, y que les vaya bien en la promoción y venta de su libro. Ojalá publiquen muchísimos más, pero describiendo la vida venezolana “después de Chávez”.

  9. This is excellent news! Congratulations! I have been following your blog for years now (I am the one who got CC blocked at work years back for being a “porn” site), thank you for the hard work and commitment on writing this blog, keep it up! I hope the book gets translated into spanish soon, it is very much needed read for our compatriotas. I will definitely get the paperback, because “naweboná lo deseo” 🙂 Felicidades y un abrazo a Quico y Juan.

  10. Congratulations!!
    I read the first pages already, and look forward to the rest of the book.

    Now you have to start thinking of Part 2, “Blogging the Denouement of the Chavez Era, or how to put the Egg Back in the Shell”

  11. Congratulations on this achievement. Sorry to say I would buy your book if I hadn’t already read it over the last ten years 🙂

  12. Well, congrats! I’m a faithfull reader -so many years now, I’ve lost the exact number-. Although, I don’t always agree with you guys… I do believe that you are “lectura diaria obligada”, to understand the turmoil we Venezuelans live in.
    One real joke: at first look, I thought the cover was a Watchtower magazine!
    Sadly, I’ve expended all my 2013 internet greens already…. no iPad, just a Tablet Grrrrrr.
    Again: muchas felicitaciones y que sea exitosa la venta!

  13. I’m very happy the book is finally out and more for being a small part of it.

    Congratulations, Quico and JC.

  14. may I just say congrats!!! but shouldn’t you have waited for an epilogue, the final chapter, now that we are near one. Anyway, well done! Hope to buy it soon.

  15. I definitely can’t live without this book. And neither can several of my idiot friends. They will be sent a copy.

    And neither, in fact, can the entire population of Latin America. Is a Spanish translation in the works? (Strike while the iron is hot!)

  16. ¡Felicitaciones! Congratulations on an excellent job. I’m definitely buying the paperback edition,
    Now you have to plant a tree (escribir un libro, tener un hijo, plantar un árbol)

    Big Kudos!!!

  17. This is great, great stuff guys. Congratulations.
    You’ve been a heck of a company this years, thanks for the effort. It will be great to have you now in my bookshelf.

  18. Hopefully dedicated to The Truth

    which is,

    that your blog is made up, not only of those who post , but also of those who comment.
    Whatever ” logro” applauded must include that real factor.

    Some people have blogs that do not include comments, but the comment blogs are only as good as the comments on the posts.

  19. I’ve wanted this for a long time! Now I can delete the posts I saved as PDF. I’ll spread the word about the combo-pack of this book and Rory Carroll’s 😉

    Now what? book tour? Plugging your book on the Colbert Report?

    Congrats on this great milestone!

  20. Enhorabuena muchachos.
    I got to this blog about three years ago, looking for something that could explain to my english speaking husband the mess our country is in and why. I think the book would be a good present for him and for some people I know.

  21. Is the end here?


    Venezuela: High level meeting at the Miraflores Presidential Palace. Announcement expected
    March 5 – Venezuelan media is reporting that the top hierarchy of the Venezuelan government arrived at the Miraflores Presidential Palace this morning for an urgent meeting that began at 11 AM EST and that a very important announcement is imminent.

    The top military brass is also in attendance.

    More details when we receive them.

  22. I’m adding my warmest congratulations.
    Already purchased the paperback.
    It’s the least we can do, considering how much we all have come to depend on you for thought-provoking analysis, terrific writing and unique insights.
    And yes, I’ll be writing a review…

  23. Kudos indeed! You have been a lifeline enabling us to stay in touch with and make sense of Venezuela all these years, and that is… priceless! : ) At least one copy for my “media naranja” gringa – ojo, dicho con mucho carino – and with hopes that the day when I can take him back home to Venezuela just got a bit closer…..

  24. So, we have our first chavista comment on Amazon! “Carlos” says we are shrill, that we want the poor to stay poor, and that the book is free online anyway. Silver Lining: he still gave us three stars!

  25. Congratulations guys! Reading this site has become a daily ritual for me, as nessessary as drinking coffee every morning. I´m reccomending the book on Facebook and Twitter and ordering the paperback ASAP.

  26. Felicitaciones Francisco y Juan!
    Este libro es la culminación de un trabajo largo y difícil hecho con mucho esfuerzo y dedicación.
    Aunque para nosostros los lectores no hay nada tan valioso como leer el blog en vivo, aun así este libro queda como un testimonio histórico en una etapa muy importante de Venezuela.

    No se si el timing sea bueno o malo, pero les deseo mucho éxito con este libro. Que sirva de premio para su excelente labor.

  27. Congrats Francisco and Juan! For me this book has a special meaning, because represents the chronicles of an era for Venezuela that finally came to an end.. 14 years. Now we are entering to a different chapter in our history.

  28. #NaWebonadaLoDeseo

    Well, I’ve been a regular reader for a bit more than two years now (seems like longer, I guess I just open my browser and come here way too often!), and in a way I regret a bit that I had not bumped into this blog before. Time to rewind, then. You guys are very talented and it definitely shows in everything you write. I commend and thank you for that. Keep it up! (particularly now that the media frenzy is likely to fade)

    I will be spending a part of my rapidly dwindling cupo electrónico on the dead tree version. For those of you interested and who are in Europe, it’s available in for the (admittedly not very solidario price) of EUR 28,17.

    Rory Carroll’s book should be arriving in the next few days too, so there’ll be some intense reading coming up!


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