Jail House Night-Club


Sin-título-37Remember that nightclub in Tocorón Prison from last year? Well, it now has serious competition from a brand new place inside El Rodeo I in Guatire, just outside Caracas.

It opened last month with a huge party including giant screens, a smoke machine, state-of the-art speakers and strippers. The pranes even have their own V.I.P. balcony.

The club now opens every weekend (starting on Saturday afternoons). Uniquely for this kind of venture, this one’s not even on the down low: it has the full approval of the Prisons Ministry, which considers it part of a “recreational program for the inmates”. The only people who are unhappy with it are the neighbors who won’t have much sleep.

I guess that was the “dignity” Minister Iris Varela was talking about during her last press conference. Thanks to her work, prisoners no longer gotta fight… for their right… to party!

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    • I can tell you have never really been to a prison but maybe it can be arranged, just don’t take any candy,wolf tickets or drop the soap in the shower.

      New IVAD poll: Maduro 53.8% vs Capriles 31.6%

      And is Capriles really campaigning other than in 3 states?

      • Yes Court I have been in a prison. The high security facility In Oak Park Hights, Minnesota, which I helped design and construct.
        I have also been in Stillwater Prison Minnesota to design upgrades and maintenance.

      • Cort,
        Since your prison days do you feel as violated by your cell mates as the average Venezuela does by the acts of the Government?

      • Dear ex-con Cort,
        Your bridges have been burned by words from your own mouth.
        Live long and prosper in your suffering.
        The force is with us this time around.
        If you open your mouth again, I will put your foot in it or someones bar of soap from your history.

      • A story about Cort (Kurt).
        In the first world war there were two trenches facing each other. One German, one Irish.
        There had been no activity for days, so the Irish captain devised a plan. What is the most common of german male names. Ah “Cort (Kurt)” he thought.
        So he went to the end of the trench and called “Cort (Kurt)” are you there? “Cort (Kurt)” stood up and said “I’m here” whereupon the Irish captain shot him through the head. The Irish captain walked ten paced and repeated the same procedure with the same result. The trench was one thousand paces long.
        By the end of the process the German captain had understood the process so he had decided the most common name for Irish males was “Paddy”.
        The German captain went to the end of the trench and called “Paddy”. After some more calls with no reply he moved along ten paces and did the same again. Still no reply. He kept on repeating the exercise, without result to the end of the trench.
        At the end of the trench he heard a voice say “is that you”Cort (Kurt)”. He stuck his head up and said “yes” whereupon he got a bullet between the eyes.
        “Cort (Kurt)” let this be an objective lesson to you.

  1. “yo te garantizo que no hay corrupción, por primera vez en la historia de Venezuela, en 180 años” – Nicolás Maduro.

    • True dat. Check this bit from the article:

      “Off the record, allegedly all matters related to the entrance of the sound system, lighting, stage and others were planned in a meeting held inside the (Rodeo I) prison with former leaders of the P.G.V. and leader of criminal bands of Miranda State.”

  2. After watching the press conference I reckon Capriles has a golden opportunity to respond to Varela and point a poisonous sharp-nailed finger at Maduro.

    He should congratulate them on the uniform initiative and ask questions on all the other issues.

  3. I know, it’s veeery weird, Simón Romero from NYT posted an article on a Margarita prison last year that even lets tourists in on weekends( hacen cola by the way, to buy drugs, apostarle a los gallos etcetc) the inmates built pools for the kids on weekends. In Venezuela nothing surprises me any more. As to cort es un x que ni vale la pena destapar….

  4. OTO.
    It does not matter who wins the election, within three months the army will take over and appoint god given hair as their intrim president. Due to incompenance by Maduro.
    Why do you think GDH has did not challange Nicolito. He knows what is coming.
    If Caprilles wins it will be because he usuped the will of the people. The army coup is coming.

    • I am afraid I suspect the same. I see little alternative other than a transition period under martial law. This is going to be needed in order to root out and expel all the Cubans, as well as to defeat the gangs of thugs.

      Your time frame is only a little shorter than I was thinking. The only question is does GGH have any desire to stay forever, or will he allow elections after a year, or so? Does he have any real “socialist” ideology, or has he just been along for the ride and the riches?

      In any case, I too believe that the future of Venezuela will be in the hands of GGH and FAN.

      • Advantage to this arrangement would be that the FAN will arrest and prosecute the present cabinet along with Nicolita. Capriles would not.
        It is not in the intrests of the FAN to permit Venezuela to financially colapse as that would cut off their money. It costs more Bs to buy a dollar these days which is not acceptable.
        GGH has been for some time now the most dangerous person in Venezuela and he is no socialist. His inner circle are all very loyal to him and have been with him for some time. (I personally know some of them) But the FAN may have someone waiting in the wings who would make a more legitimate manager than GGH. GGH might be more usefull remaining in the NA.
        The take over will be soft rather than brutal. Life will go on and Chavez will get his desire of being buried where he wished.


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