Jail House Night-Club

Sin-título-37Remember that nightclub in Tocorón Prison from last year? Well, it now has serious competition from a brand new place inside El Rodeo I in Guatire, just outside Caracas.

It opened last month with a huge party including giant screens, a smoke machine, state-of the-art speakers and strippers. The pranes even have their own V.I.P. balcony.

The club now opens every weekend (starting on Saturday afternoons). Uniquely for this kind of venture, this one’s not even on the down low: it has the full approval of the Prisons Ministry, which considers it part of a “recreational program for the inmates”. The only people who are unhappy with it are the neighbors who won’t have much sleep.

I guess that was the “dignity” Minister Iris Varela was talking about during her last press conference. Thanks to her work, prisoners no longer gotta fight… for their right… to party!