"Juan Cristobal is exactly right." -Diosdado Cabello

Judging from his fashion sense, he really has lost his mind...
Judging from his fashion sense, he really has lost his mind…

National Assembly chairman Diosdado Cabello’s bizarre rant yesterday baffled and amazed me. Diosdado expressly cedes Juan’s point – yup, we’re crazy – in language poised exquisitely between Trash Talk and a Kinsley Gaffe – the accidental utterance of an obvious but impolitic truth.

Diosdado Cabello, presidente de la Asamblea Nacional, aseguró este sábado que la oposición debió “haber rezado mucho para que Chávez siguiera vivo”.

“Porque él era el muro de contención de muchas de esas ideas locas que se nos ocurren a nosotros. Él imponía su liderazgo, su prudencia y su conciencia y nos evitaba actuar en muchas ocasiones con estas ideas locas nuestras”, dijo Cabello, quien durante un acto oficial en Maracay leyó mensajes del alcalde de Sucre, Carlos Ocariz, en los que critica a los artistas que han declarado su apoyo al Gobierno.

“En la revolución el cuerdo es el comandante Chávez, que nos ha enseñado. Nosotros hemos tratado de aprender con él”, agregó el presidente de la AN.

See, I don’t even know what I think about that. What do you think?

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  1. So all the stuff they have been saying and doing all along is not crazy? Yep, Chavez was really level-headed. I’d like to know what ideas have gone into their ideological rubish bin…
    My vote goes for… trash talk, this is a threat. We are supposed to imagine what those ideas might have been, perhaps an even more extensive urban farming campaign, who knows what these devils might come up with.

  2. Considering he comes from one the right factions within the Bolivarian movement, I can understand where he is coming from and he has every right to speak his mind like y’all but he was probably not that good at reading the linear momentum of the masses, kind of like many on this blog.

    I know you can feel it even on the east side, Yo Soy Chavez…

  3. if we read between the lines , what Diosdado is really saying is that Maduro lacks the personality , leadership qualities , forcefulness of character that allowed Chavez to keep things moderately sane and balanced , its an indirect critique of Maduro . Its also a recognition of the chaotic radicalized irrational nature of Chavism as a movement, full of cook heads and half crazed odd balls . By saying it with a humorous tone he is taking off the sting of what hes saying so as not to offend his comrades . there is also an element of self sattisfied spite against the opposition , you wanted him dead , now youll regret you ever did !!

    • I couldn’t agree more with billl bass. Capriles’ campaign should take heed of these words and find a way to make a deal with the politically moderate military wing of Chavismo. They could deliver the right number of votes to eek out a win. The opposition is too stubborn to recognize that a great deal of Chavismo was the execution of pragmatic politics. Only the ideological parts make the headlines. The military is telegraphing all kinds of intentions that the opposition needs to wake up and recognize. The opposition is behaving like an autistic child who needs to be coached on how to interpret non-verbal communication. I really hope Henri Falcon is breaking this down explicitly for the Capriles campaign.

      • You guys may be reading more into what I wrote than I intended , Diosdado is an opportunist , he looked relieved and happy after Maduro was confirmed as president , for the time being he is happy keeping his position inside Chavismo , he doesnt win anything by joining the opposition , at least not yet , He may be slowly preparing the ground in case Maduro cannot control the chaotic situation he may be facing with the growing economic problems and its sequels . If Maduro isnt the man to control things , then maybe hes the one that can keep order and get things done . His base of power lies in the Chavismo , he may be more pragmatic than his ideologically laced official rethoric may show , so if in future he gains something by softpedalling the demonization of the Opposition he might do that , not from conviction but from convenience, but the time for that is not now but later . The thing for the opposition is to take the blows that are coming and navigate the difficulties that the regime will put on their way maintaining course , keeping the fires of opposition sentiment kindled and long term optimistic. This is a long fight , we need the virtues of the long distance runner , stay strong , stay resilient , wait patiently for an opportunity , it will come !! meantime strike hard everytime the regime comes up with a boo boo , with a failure , with a blunder , make the message reach the heart of the real victims of the regime , their followers!! format the message so it reaches everyone ,not only your own followers..

  4. Well, I hate to say this, but Chávez was always right. He gave stability to the country, he gave stability to Chavismo. Without him, I am not sure what these people are capable of. At the beginning I thought it was trash talk. But what is the idea of saying this? Giving people fear of what happens if they don’t win? Because what it actually sounded like “if we win, you have no idea what stuff we have planed”

    If I were a Chavista light – if that actually exists – or a NiNi-chavista-leaning voter, I would actually be scared of voting for them.

    Then Diosdado could have been drunk or something…

  5. Amazing, indeed. I mean, what’s truly amazing is not that Diosdado “bote la bola”, but that you people in Caracas Chronicles don’t see it coming.
    The dictadura: that’s what’s coming. The real one. With no democratic strings (elections, referenda and so on) attached.
    That’s what this guy is saying.
    Got it?

    • Woman, people who can do something for their country do not have severe diarrhea attacks every time Diosdado speaks. Trust me on this: Valium is good for you.

        • Mialma mija, we don’t see it coming? Quico wrote a post on this a few weeks ago, about how Chávez’s popularity kept chavismo from transforming itself into an outright dictatorship. Tan comeflores no somos…

    • The regimes proud claim to legitimacy is winning every election ,by the largest mayority possible , that’s what gives them face in their interntional relations , what makes them formally democratic which is one of the few traditional things their followers still idolize , They might like ideologically to go the whole hog and get rid of elections . but politically its an uphill fight and one fraught with dangers , They might try and do it with the communalization of society , but that hasnt worked too well so far . The real impulse to do away with elections all together will come when they realize they are likely to lose them , then they will try and create an explanation for not having any !! thats not the case yet..

  6. “Chavez’s two terms had to maximise the appeal of revolutionary ideas, and his own legacy, because the revolution was young and still precarious in some areas. This meant being careful with controversial and radical ideas.

    However, now he’s gone, more of us feel freer to say what’s really on our minds. The revolutionary state is strong and stable enough now that I can admit this to you in the middle of a presidential campaign that we are guaranteed to win emphatically.”

  7. It is clearly a threat that the gloves are off, that all the “insane” projects once deflected by Chavez will now be brought back and made real. It justifies departures from Chavez’ policies on the basis that “we’re crazy.” No other justification is provided.

    It’s hard to believe this could appeal to the electorate, since the crazy new policies are not specified. So perhaps it is a variation on the “madman theory” used by Henry Kissinger: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madman_theory

    • Its a common enough tactic in psychological warfare to offer an spectacle of seemingly chaotic randomness to ones possible lines of action to create a state of demoralizing confusion and doubt in an enemy’ state of mind . In Venezuelan history it was one of Paez favourite ploys , the patriot calvary would attack , then retreat in seeming disorder the spaniards losing formation as they sped in pursuit and at a given point Paez would shout ‘vuelvan caras’ ( about face) and its calvary would face the enemy with a solid wall of spears.. Chavez ( and no doubt Diosdado) studied psychological warfare using it sometimes in his political manouvers. . A paper purportedly containing the Regimes strategic plan for routing the opposition in the coming elections has just been ‘discovered’ which mentions the use of this kind of tactic and further mentions Diosdado as one of the point men for ‘marking’ Capriles every move.. So there may be some merit to Jeffreys speculation that this represents a move in line with Kissingers ‘Madman theory’ . Also there is a study by US experimental pyschologists that suggest the more homogeneity there is in a group the more likely it ist to gradually move towards the most radical extreme of the commonly shared position !!.Still I have a sense that Diosdado is a wily intelligent ambitious man whose actions bear close watching!!

  8. It really looks like a freudian slip to me. It’s an admission that the Chavizmo is, indeed, insane.

    Chavez was probably the only intelligent member, who systematically purged anyone intelligent enough to be a threat. Many if not all of his actions make perfect sense if you ascribe them to malice rather than mere incompetence.

  9. The artists that turned Chavista all love coming to Miami, all have teeth white as ivory, all love wearing the latest fashion and being invited to yachts and flying in private jets. Their attitude is obviously, so freaking obviously, the result of a very large economic remuneration to fund their opulent lives without which they would feel miserable and ashamed.

  10. Einstein was a socialist, a pacifist, a universalist and abhorred nationalism and like Trotsky earlier was against the founding of a “Jewish State”.

    • Einstein died before it became obvious that Communism a la Stalin and Trotsky was just a particularly murderous pathway to capitalism a la Putin. So of course he didn’t have the empirical basis we have.

    • Einstein, nationalist? I might be wrong, but I’m almost sure that he said that nationalism was some kind of sickness or something along the lines

  11. Sixteen people have filled in ”other” in the poll:

    Other Answer Votes
    A threat 2
    a warning 1
    campaign gold for HCR 1
    the truth 1
    Provocacion 1
    El delirio total… 1
    from the heart! 1
    A coded to message to not vote for Maduro. 1
    the ramblings of a madman 1
    warning of a reality 1
    The truth he meant to say 1
    Incipient Alzheimer’s? 1
    Culillo 1
    An Omen 1

  12. It’s clear to me what Diosdado is really saying:

    Chavez used to say that the middle and upper classes should be grateful to him as he was the only thing standing between the rage of those who have nothing against those who have..if it were not for him , the ‘have nots’ would go crazy and violent against the rest of the population.

    He is saying that ‘We’ , the followers of Chavez, can hardly be contained from carrying out our crazy ideas. So now that Chavez is dead there could be even more repression from the Chavistas.

    This is a threat to intimidate the opposition which is now feeling more motivated because of Capriles’ new found strength, and Maduro’s lack of popularity.

  13. No, just a Poisonous Toad(y) trying to look bigger, scarier and manlier than he actually is. Machismo runs deep in fascism and in chavismo.

  14. Godgiven is doing one of the things he knows best… threatening. Today he’s threatening non-chavistas with acting on “their crazy ideas”… other days he threatens his fellow junta members (and the Cubans along with them) with his men in the armed forces.
    His message to everyone: don’t think you can count me out. Quite effective, too.


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