My so-called polity


I guess we can add this to the list of impossible things we’ll have to explain to our grandchildren somehow one day…

Faced with the very real possibility of a slide into outright dictatorial oppression, el bravo pueblo…merrily guffawed at Bumblebee Man and said “go on, then.”

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        • You misunderstand me. I’m asking if you have any comments on the article you’re commenting on, in this blog. You came in, didn’t address the subject, but instead simply dropped a link to your own blog. Blogging 101? Comment Spam 101, more like.

          • The Oppenheimer article deals with Human Rights, I cite it merely as a point of reference. My post is about Venezuela’s lack of concern for human rights and many US celebrities ignorance of same. This is a blog about Venezuela. “Comment spam” (unless you mean advertisements for products) is an empty concept. Blogging is all about connecting. Had I posted my comment on a blog that dealt with Golf or Literature then it would be out of place, but still not spam as I’m not making any money on this!

          • “Connecting” is a two-way street. You’re not “connecting” if your only contributions are attempts to siphon traffic away.

            This article (which you still seem confused about, as I’m not in any way referring to the Oppenheimer piece you’re blogging about) is about Nicolas Maduro’s absurdist campaign, complete with video evidence. You didn’t address that even with a perfunctory “wow, guy’s nuts!” before immediately linking to a completely unrelated post on your blog, covering a completely unrelated article. It’s tasteless and you might find it counterproductive in the long run.

          • You’re missing the point completely. Caracas Chronicles is a blog about the situation in Venezuela. I have brought to the attention of readers an article related to Venezuela’s lack of respect for human rights as well as my own opinion on that matter. Had I merely linked back to my blog and it was just a link to the article and no original content from me,as many people do, perhaps I would agree with you. If you want me to say Maduro is nuts I will be pleased to.

            It is an interesting blogging phenomenon that if you write a post with no links, no “back up”, people immediately say “Ha .. no references, that’s not true” and when you do back up your statements with links you’re accused of spamming.

            I know bloggers who have devised programs to automatically post their latest blog entries as comments on the latest entry of all their followers, regardless of topic and, obviously, without having read the follower’s post. (Hence the use by many sites of those little copy the words things to prove you’re a human.) That, I agree is tasteless. (But effective if all you want is visitors to see the ads on you blog, of which I have none).

            As far as posting about Venezuela on a Venezuela blog being tasteless, well, quiet frankly that is just plain silly.

          • Alright. Maybe you’ll come around when “Blogging 101” inevitably leads to “Blogging 102: No one links to me because they think I’m a leech”.

  1. Don’t know you guys, but I think the “chapulin” has the potential to be our next “Ministro del Poder Popular para Relaciones Interiores y Justicia” or “Ministro del Poder Popular para la Defensa”..nobody will ever notice the difference I’m sure…

  2. Just another example of the continuing effectiveness of that old roman formula for gaining political popularity among the masses , bread and circus , hand outs and cheap entertainment, worked for the autocratic self deified emperors , should work for their moderns equivalents. Nothing new under the sun except the innaness and stupidity of the entertainment, instead of blood drenched spectacles we have a jumping chapulin colorado , instead of free bread we have ‘misiones’ and free fridges and tv sets , but watch out! part of the entertainment is the fostering of hatred and violence against an imagined enemy, setting them afire , throwing them to be disemboweled by lions!! the equivalent today of the fostering of hatred and violence against the imperio and its local jackals !! Venezuelans vocation for cruelty is weaker than that of ancient romans , but the vocation is still there !!

    • Bumblebee Man is a parody of el ChC on The Simpsons, I’m assuming Quico used it as shorthand for non-LatAm readers who might not get who el Chapulin is.

    • Sigh. Great truth.

      I spent all of my youth and adult life making a big deal of my not-patriotism, and when I started travelling, I found I cannot leave Venezuela behind, I cannot get over it.

  3. Sadly, Quico was the country’s one remaining intellectual and he went mad and moved to Japan. With him gone, the rest of them are free to point and laugh at the bee man as the Republic sinks, giggling, beneath the waves.


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